Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spin - Drop - Rest

Very interesting group of words. How to illustrate them? Hmmnm.

BUTLER: "Do not worry yourself about it, sir. I have already chosen the three pictures from our archives and am ready to post them."

But two of them have been used before and I also shot some candids of Conner and Noah's new inflatable splash pool thing that I think might be made into a series of pictures illustrating spin and drop...

BUTLER: "But that goes against the rules! You have to find one picture to illustrate the theme. And if you can find one picture that illustrates all three you can put that in extra.

BAGMAN: "Spinning while bungee jumping asleep!! I can do that!"

I still like the series I shot this week because it is kind of cute.

BUTLER: "I don't like breaking rules."


Okay, I'll compromise. I'll post my series first as an unofficial entry and then you can put in your three old archive pictures. So here's what I've got for DROP.

BUTLER: "It's spin-drop-rest! You can't do drop first."

Since this is the unofficial entry, I can do what I want.


So Brian and Melody got this cute water-play thing for the kids and it had a little slide for Noah.
Probably too small for Conner but he was determined to try it out.

And he began to drop.
And, as Noah wisely gets out of his way, kept on dropping...
...and dropping
....and dropping.

However, undetered....

The courageous Conner climbs back on
And drops again.

This went on for a few more cycles until Conner decided it was time to spin.


BUTLER: "I object. The next sequence is not really spinning which I interpret as "rotating" around an axis. Like the Earth spinning around in space. What follows is more like "revolving".

But doesn't the moon spin around the Earth?

BUTLER: "I give up. Rotate, revolve, spin, circle...use fuzzy English if you want to."

Conner starts the spin cycle by sneaking up and attacking his brother and Dad with the squirt gun.
Grabbing his own weaponry, Dad begins spinning or revolving around the pool in a counter-clockwise fashion.
Chased by Conner...
He starts spinning around the water play thingy...
BUTLER: "Revolving around it...NOT spinning."
Symantics! They're having fun. In any case, at this point, Brian...
SPINS AROUND...(Are you happy now, Butler?) and hold his ground. And Conner decides to...

BUTLER: "How can he be resting with water being squirted on him.

Because he loves water.

BUTLER: "Are you finished? Can I post the official Scavenger Hunt Entry now?

by Butler





  1. Nothing like a sunny day and some water to have such immense fun!!! Love the pictures, although I am normally not one of those "aaaawwww... isn't that a cute little kid"-type of women. These are just hilarious, and I can almost hear the squealing and giggling :-)

  2. Forgot to mention that your header is, once again, fabulous!

  3. these are all great, all of them, my favorite is your spinning head, wish i had thought of that. the last three are of course PERFECT but the other are PHUN

  4. The competition between B, B, and M grows fiercer!

  5. Ahh, summer, the season for fun! And kids and water are the perfect ingredients. Love the water pistol chase. The last three are great, especially the last - love that shot.
    Hope your head has stopped spinning by now!

  6. Makes me want to join them in the waterplay as it's always hot and humid here.

  7. Always a grand surprise in the header. Love it. Wish I could do that little manipulation. Wonderful shots and narrative. They are so cute and Brian is looking pretty good too. LOL

  8. funny as always and fantastic header shot! I love your choices in the official spin drop rest shots.

  9. Love the shots of the boys - certainly gives us all the perspective of how your days have changed :-) The mechanical bull rider is my fav though!

  10. I'm with you: I love breaking rules - but for shots like that there are no rules. Perfection over-rules it!

  11. one day, one day, I will go on that bull.

    Great fun for the kids and the dad.

  12. Officially wonderful! - all of them.