Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poetry Jam - Forgetfulness

Golden Anniversary

Please, hand, before I forget again,
tell me of this gentleman
whose arm you rest upon,
with such familiarity. 

I try to trust you, hand, despite the way
you've grown transparent, disrobing your blue
arrangement of floral veins
over this tortured bed of knuckles. 

Your fingertips still send such delicate songs
of warmth and firmness in his wrist.
How did you know it would feel this way,
reaching out with palsied touch, 

that it would not pull away like others in this home?
How well your often clumsy grip
fits his forearm like a well worn nightgown
in calm and constant support. 

I think, dear hand, that whoever
had this man for a husband
must have been a very lucky woman.


  1. Very moving. A thoughtful and sincere poem, with genuine feeling.

  2. Your poem is beyond beautiful ....

  3. Wow - really powerful. And poignant. I'm glad you're part of the jam!

  4. This is a poignant expression of aging and loving. beautiful piece...

  5. Beautifully expressed, thoughtful poem.

  6. Oh my! How poignant, how telling.

  7. A lovely and touching poem. You got inside the character in the photo and told a powerful story.

  8. It's like that for them, those elders who have so much forgetting and so much knowing in their lives. Nice.

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