Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poetry Jam Monday

The theme this week is thunder and lightening...

Cloud in waiting

From the periphery of such a creative cell
I wait, alone and swelling with moisture,
dark and heavy with longing,

while the flashing celebration over the plains
to the south, explode for someone else.
I count the seconds, time and distance

When will you come?
Needing your electric thrust
to blow me open from unfulfilled dreams,

Give me your exquisite heat, release my muse,
exploding outward my meaningless molecules
and creating the vacuum in which creation can arise.

Must arise. Coming together with thunderous clap
to fill that instant of perfect void
with every charged atom in perfect harmony

the heavenly exhale and inhale
that will rattle the windows
of mortals below.


  1. I enjoyed your poem ... the last two stanzas blew me away (love a good storm.)

  2. I can smell the thunder! You invoked one hell of a storm...

  3. Dark and heavy with longing. Never thought of a cloud waiting to let go of it's load. Very impressive.

  4. needing your electric thrust to blow me open....

    You, sir, make me happy. I'm Jessica. Obviously. I'm surprised we haven't met before. Glad to have found you. xx

  5. Sweet Jesus,also I've just seen the terrifying man in the back of your photograph.

    Christ on a cracker.

  6. That "heavenly exhale and inhale" is a stunner! Wonderful image! No wonder you wanted us to write about thunder and lightning, with such a fine piece of your own to share. It's a pleasure to meet you on the reincarnation of the Poetry Bus/Jam. Friends of Bill W need all the poets we can find.

  7. That was really good. Really good. You are a truly talented person.

  8. oh, sure, not any good at poetry. Yeah right! It's been waiting to get out, and here we go!

  9. Fantastic language and enough scientific reference to make me lick my lips. And I love the point of view of the cloud.