Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Joy of Clutter

The other day, I was enjoying Librarian's blog.  I can't remember what it was about now but one sentence stuck with me about the fact that she loves nice uncluttered areas.  

It reminded me of various articles I'd read about how one's work spaces / living spaces reflect our states of mind.  

BAGMAN:  "Well ain't that just so sweet."

BUTLER: "Your jibe does not surprise me, coming from someone who lives in a refrigerator box."

BAGMAN:  "That's a lie and you know it!  I just happen to have one in my room."

In any case, since the state of my mind includes both Butler and Bagman  as residents, I can handle most any workspace, as long as the internet connection is fast.   But Butler and I enjoyed a really nice studio for about a year in 2009.

 I think even the Librarian would have approved.

BUTLER:  "You cropped out the ping pong table to the left where you piled mattes and frames. That was pretty messy."
In any case, shortly after this was taken, God blessed me with the unexpected role of helping my son and daughter raise their children.  If you have followed this blog at all, you have seen the joyful play...

BUTLER: "Endless irritating noise and constant cleaning up!"

BAGMAN:  "Rock and roll, baby!"

...where was I?   I guess I was just making the point that I'm really happy about the new life that is exploding within our walls -- and a third baby due in the Fall!!! --

BUTLER (irony dripping from both syllables):  "Whoopee."  

BAGMAN:  "Roll with it, Butthead!  At least the kids don't worry about whether the silverware drawer is correctly organized!"
...What was the point, I was making?   I think the point was that I gave up my studio for a children's room and moved into the small guest room, minus the ping pong table which went for a song in a yard sale.   One of these days I plan to straighten it out.  I dont mind small.  I even like tight places -- like the cockpit of my sports car. 

But this week, the kids are painting their room and the kids room and moving furniture and my studio is a handy temporary storage place during the refurnishing debacle. 

The above shot is a Photoshop Panorama of four individual shots...so actually the room looks considerably smaller than this.  I just thought I'd freak out the Librarian and others who like clean uncluttered spaces.   However, I'm hoping that I might lose some weight this week since I have to climb over a dresser to get to my computer.  

Hey -- as long as the Internet connection is fast, I'm a happy camper.  


  1. Dear gods, this really IS a good picture to freak me out, Mark!!! :-D And yes, I 100% approve of the studio you had for a year. The rug and the painting are beautiful.
    I do realize that, of course, it is a lot easier for a one-woman-one-cat household to remain mostly clutter-free than in a lively multi-generation family home like yours.
    And regarding the silver drawer... when I was a kid, it was one of my hobbies to organize my parents' silver drawer. I was nerdy even back then.

  2. You need to get a large canvas of one of you fav photos to hand on the back of your desk wall...maybe two.

  3. Oh heavens what would I do without my stash of paints, ribbons, glue, scissors etc on my kitchen table. Every time I have to clean it off for a meal I lose something. I grew up in a household like that with my grandparents. No comments.

  4. (Not able to log in with my usual google-profile.)

    The choice is of course to bring food and drinks for the day, but some exercise is of course good! :-)

    Peter in Paris

  5. Reclaim that space as soon as possible!! Although whatever temporary place you're broadcasting from doesn't seem to have effected your creativity. Your clutter shot looks like a good "Where's Waldo" scene.

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