Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friday Hometown Photo Shootout - Layers

Layers is an interesting and a bit confusing theme, I am thinking as I enter the B&B Studio on Thursday.
But Bagman, of course, has his own naughty take on everything.

BAGMAN:  "Does this mean we can get laid?"

BUTLER: "No!  Layers are things that lay something, like eggs.

BUTLER: "Take this goose, for instance.  It was recently a layer and the result is endearing even if they do make a mess of the backyard."

"No, no, no,"  I protest, stepping in to take control of a shoot that could rapidly become chaos.  "We are talking about "layers" as in things that are over-laid upon each other, one on top of the other."

BAGMAN:  "Yes!  On top of each other!! But how can anyone get over-laid?"

BUTLER (throwing a ream of paper ((in layers of course)) and hitting Bagman): "Another word out of you and I'm quitting!"

"You guys make me crazy," I say starting to load what I think the theme called for, although much of it has to be from the archive since this week I've had a layer of rash placed on my hands.

Layers of advertising on an old sign

Layers of broken wood on a plank

Layers of rock on a cliff face

Layers of water and rock

Layers of stonework unearthed at Middleton Place

Layers of plastic tarp

BUTLER:  "Are you really going to fill this blog with old archive pictures and lame captions?  After all, your wife is one of my heros.  We both like things stored in nice neat layers. "

BUTLER: "Dishes, for instance."

Karen's dresser drawer

BUTLER:  "And clothing.   She is so neat."

BAGMAN: "Yeah!  But Mark isn't."

Mark's dresser drawer

"Wait a minute!" I protest.  "After all our years of marriage..."

BAGMAN: "You don't know exactly how many years, do you?"

"Not off hand,"  I admit.  "But I could look up our anniversary date on the computer and figure it out.  But don't change the subject.  After somewhere between 22 and 26 years of marriage, I've become just as good at neat laundry folding and placing my shirts in layers too."

BUTLER (smiling condescendingly): "They just don't stay that way very long, now, do they?"

I admit, shamefully, that he is right and move to post the shootout.  I wonder why something as simple as a collection of pictures on a theme always seems to end up with me defending myself. 


  1. Love that picture of the layers of rock, it looks like a monochrome landscape painting.
    And I am glad to see you are at least well enough to participate in the Friday Shoot-Out! :-)

  2. I really, really, really like the early layer photos. They are lovely, like works of art.

  3. Love the header. The best of all, of course. B&B can be stinkers. I think you should throw layers of rock at them.

  4. Oh lol. I loved your post. Great selection of layers too.

  5. Gosh, you found lots of layers. I have been stumped on this one. You must have gotten all my ideas.

    Why is it goslings are so cute...and grow up to be geese?

  6. what no food, pasta or bread and butter, a hamburger with the works...? I love it when B&B drive you crazy - we get to enjoy the results.

  7. Only you could have dug up so many interesting layers. Love your banner.

  8. You're so funny ;-P nice composition of layers just really justified your theme's photo shootout. I love those layers of wood on a plank

  9. Love the layers of advertising. And Karen's tidy layers. Puts me to shame!
    Hope you are recovering from the hand, foot, and mouth disease. I know it's truly awful, one of my grand-daughters had it when I was caring for her and I know how she suffered.

  10. You've got some great layer shots for this week's theme- I'm wanting that happy face bowl in the cabinet- :o)

  11. I love Karen's tidy layers of clothing compared to yours! I must admit, I'm a neat freak, and would have dumped your clothing out and re arranged them in a minute!! lol

  12. B & B are back!! Those pictures are amazing-and I also love what you did to yourself. I can't remember how many years I'm married either--have to count back. ;-)

  13. Some of these look like works of art! And the geese are cute. Now I'm just wondering whether you messed up your drawer on purpose for a better blog post...

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