Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Only 363 Days until Christmas!

I feel like a stranger to Blogspot -- for Christmas, I really would have loved to unwrap one day devoted to catching up on the blogs of all the bloggers I've grown to love.   I miss you all.  Why does time move so quickly these days? 

Anyhow,  I also must skip the details of Christmas here -- the futile search for corn meal on Christmas morning --  (If I leave a check to cover damages, cost of police response time, as well as the cost of the flour would it still be a crime to break into the supermarket?).

...but the dressing was just fine without it.

And what is the difference between dressing and stuffing anyway  or is it a class distinction?

Anyhow -

The grandboys had fun.  And why aren't there real words for expressing gender differences among grandchildren?

And the grandbaby turned into a grandgirl overnight.

And we survived the mandatory family group shot.

Ony 363 days to next Christmas.  And I plan to sleep through New Year's Eve which has become my favorite tradition.


  1. Dressing is cooked in a dish in the oven. Stuffing (which most gourmets agree is not safe to eat unless it is very hot) comes out of the bird. Use lots of chicken broth and your dressing is as moist as stuffing. Three beautiful grandkids...it seems like only yesterday there were none.

  2. Happy Christmas! I haven't had as much time as I would like to catch up on my blog reading, either, but I'm glad I had chance to drop in here :)

  3. Stop by and wish Johanna a Happy Birthday! on Tuesday, December 27!

  4. Amen to sleeping through New Years Eve!

    Tabor - I did not know that. I realize now I have been making both for years.

  5. What better way to spend Christmas than with the family? And in your case, with grandchildren, it is even better, because for them, Christmas is still so exciting and so much fun, which hopefully is contagious :-)

  6. on my blog you haven't missed anything, once a month stop by works fine cause I've not had anything interesting to say in days and days.
    The boys have really grown.
    Portugues my children = meus filhos (Masc & plural) and my grandchildren = meus nettos. if you have one boy and one girl then = eu tem um filho and uma filha... I am trying to learn. Tell Kathy I love her hair long, looks great.

  7. Beautiful grandchildren and the dressing/stuffing was a success - wishing you a very happy New Year


  8. But who's counting??

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  9. Such beautiful grandchildren! Wishing you all a happy new year.