Monday, December 12, 2011

The Moon's green twin plays peek-a-boo

So I'm giving the dog her last walk for the night and look up.  The moon is full and there is a beautiful double halo around it.   Run for the camera!

I never got a really good capture because I have not been practicing and spent most of my time fumbling with cold fingers in the dark and wondering why the camera wouldn't do what I wanted it to do.  In my own defense, however, my training is currently up-to-date on painting, caulking, and feeding babies. 

Two different types of things -- please don't think that I'm caulking babies. 

But shooting the moon at night...

Don't say it, Bagman!

...gave me more learning experiences than actual photographs.

But what bothered me besides focus and steadiness (yes even with a tripod) -- was that little green smear in the lower left corner.   I noticed it and was afraid that I had some moisture on the lens, which happened to me several years ago in Italy.

This was a bit better although it required a little photoshop layering to bring out all the color rows.  And by then I had decided it was not on the camera but one of those reflection circles that happen soemtimes when you shoot near or into the sun. 

But wait!

In this totally un-retouched image, the circle seems to have substance.

Blowing it up, I find myself looking at the moon.  (No, I did not cut and paste this - it is straight from the camera).  What is the moon doing there when it is supposed to be in the middle of the white circle?
Why is it green?  Is this cheese?  

Two moons?  

I have to figure that it is a very clear refraction through ice crystals.  But why is only one part of the light spectrum refracted?   Polluted ice crystals?  Global warming?  

I've got a lot to learn about astronomy and light as well as about photography.  And caulking babies.


  1. This is great - I love it, and never noticed a similar phenomenon myself with the few moon shots I've done over the past two years or so.
    Maybe I should look closer. A closer look is often worth it, I find, no matter what area of life it refers to.

  2. Fascinating. Sort of like a sundog but only one. Do let us know if you discover what it is. I think it may be ice crystals but really odd because you can see the moon in the center!! If you have discovered a new planet, ask them to name it after you.

  3. I prefer to think there is actually a miniature green moon that can only be seen when the conditions are just right.

  4. I love the green moon! And what terrific shots! I wonder if it's that new planet that's so much like our own??? Whatever, it's an amazing capture! Hope you have a great week!


  5. How cool! I love your posts B&B...I learn something about myself every time!

  6. One never knows what goes on in the mind of a camera.

  7. I hate to tell you, but Kays musings has a lovely moon shot as her header. Me, I'm truly touched by your not blog entry. I too had a grandmother who loved me unconditionally. I too blew her off and now think of her love often. Glad you survived your voluminous intake of various substances to write here. :)

  8. Outstanding! Do follow up and let us know. That is beautiful.

    There was a time when I would have liked to have caulked a baby's butt closed. Sigh. Good times.

  9. Took me all of ten seconds to find this:

    Ghost moon.

    You are not crazy!

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