Sunday, January 10, 2010



Okay, I'm going to try not to write a movie review.  Given that Karen and I probably go to a maximum of three movies a year in movie theaters and usually just rent old movies when we do get the itch to see a movie, I'm not sure I'm qualified as a movie critic.

I also don't like it much when people tell me that I really need to see this movie or that movie because it is the funniest or best movie they have ever seen.  Because then, if I do happen to see the movie, expecting it to be the best movie ever, I am sure to be disappointed because even if it is a really good may not be the best. 

But Karen and I went to see the new super-hyped Avatar yesterday.  Of course, we paid the extra money to see it in 3-D IMAX.   Brian and Melody loved it the weekend end before but Karen and I figured it was kind of a guy-flick super graphic shoot-em-up which is not the kind of movie Karen likes. 

And she admited after we left the theater that she had only gone to it because she knew I wanted to see it and she wanted to go with me.  She had expected to hate it.  But it turned out the loved it!  I loved it! 

I can also understand why there is a growing political undercurrent that says it has a political agenda.  Mostly this undercurrent is being put forth by people who don't believe in global warming and are convinced that our God is the God of football games and the U.S. marines and all other Gods are false Gods.  

Dang it, I was going to try and not write political commentary either.  

And this seems to be turning into both.   But...

1.  Avatar has now become my favorite movie of all-time.
2.  I wish everyone would make love not war.  (Gee, that sounds like the 1960's)
3.  I really really really want to have a big, tall, blue body with filaments in my tail that can intertwine with other filaments and tap me into other lifeforms.



  1. I liked the movie also...not loved it...but when I wrote my review a while back I mentioned how I hated the heavy-handed personality they gave the military/industrial complex. Like every institution there are good guys and bad guys, but this was so black and white...well, I did love the graphics!

    Be honest now...did the graphics for this post take longer than the text...sort of like the script and graphics of Avatar?

  2. Say, you're looking very Avatarish this morning! Is that the general after effect of the movie??? I haven't been inside a movie theater in nearly two years, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about this one and I just might have to break down and go to this one! Anyway, you got my Sunday off to a fun start!!

    Have a great week, Mark! Oh, did you also get the filaments in your tail???


  3. Yes, a lovely fantasy best viewed in 3D's.

  4. While I agree with Tabor about the obviously black and white (or should that be blue and white) treatment of the military, I very much liked this movie.

    Like Karen, Linda went to please me and without any great expectations and came away loving it as well.

    I've been telling peole Avitar is more an awesom experience than a movie.

  5. I like your header - am sorry that I don't see in 3-d (one eye is blind) - prefer the movie theater to watching movies at home on the tele - no way would Camillo go with me just so I could enjoy a movie - Karen is a good woman / partner

  6. lol... good luck in getting the blue body. I heard the story by itself wasnt much but the effects were literally out of the world. Will see it if I can get enough time to breathe.

  7. I loved it too BB.....I want a dragon! And I am already blue but not that tall.....sigh


  8. Oh I am so glad you got to go, since you wanted to see it. I am hearing is is very good and obviously on its way to meeting or exceeding Titanic in the money dept. I am glad that someone out there has got the nerve to speak up in a time of so much confusion. Hope everyone gets to see it. Blessings Blue Man and family

  9. Haven't seen it yet, but I am exactly the same way, and almost don't want to see it for fear of disappointment.
    On a completely different note, was listening to an interview with Don Lattin about his new book. The host / interviewer was agast that the subjects of the book behaved "like it was the 70's, but all this wife swapping, and drinking, etc. happenned in the 50's". The host was acting like stuff of this nature didn't happen prior to the 70's, and all I could think was that he really didn't know a damned thing and should maybe study history and culture a bit more - I remembered your blog about your grandfather, and many stories of artists throughout time, and the fact that many people have had many behaviors, and not been degenrate drains on society.

  10. Oh my look wonderful in blue! Now you are making me think that I might want to go see the movie. We never go to every couple of years. I don't do blood and guts and shoot 'em up kinds of movies, so the kind of movies I will tolerate I can wait for on DVD. If a movie comes out that I will tolerate and it has to be seen on the big screen we go. Sounds like a trip to the theater might be in order.

  11. I thought you had joined the Blue Man Group for a moment.

    Even the New Yorker Magazine loved "Avatar", and they don't usually like anything. I have to see the movie yet, but it is definitely on my list. I love the new 3-D

  12. Thanks for the quick post about Avatar. That is one special movie. Someone said that going to see Avatar in 3D is like paying for a Toyota Camry and getting a Lexus.

  13. I'm gonna check on you. If you come to work with a blue face we are going to need to look at committing you.

  14. I am hoping to take my son Wednesday, I would rather see Sherlock Holmes, but realize it will never be as good as the original BBC hour classics, or even the books which I own a selected addition of.

    Imagination is at its all great time when I see movies like Avatar...

  15. Okay, I've been curious about this movie. Bill and I RARELY visit the Cineplex Mall Movies, prefering our wonderful little indie theater downtown. So now I read the you, Barry, AND Karen and Linda love it?
    Resolve to see it strengthened. Exponentially.

  16. I did not write a review but I enjoyed the movie.

    I can't see you as being blue. 3-D perhaps, but never blue.