Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fishing with Dad – a poignant moment in time

"The first time a boy goes fishing with his father is one of the most important stepping stones toward manhood."     Anonymous

Browsing through old photos over the weekend, I came upon a heart-warming three part photo essay shot by Karen of the first time I took Brian fishing. And I wanted to share this important time of bonding with all my friends.

One of the greatest moments in every young boy’s life is day his father first takes him fishing. Since the days of the earliest hunter-gatherers, the instruction of the father to the son of acquiring food has been almost sacred. Even at this young age, Brian senses the importance of this moment as he intently studies how his father bait the hook.

The sun sparkles on the still waters beneath which swim those mysteries waiting to be brought to the surface. Learning to fish at his father’s knee is a solemn rite of passage that nothing can destroy. For the father, as well, there is little in life that matches his responsibility to teach by example the mastery of patience and perseverance that fishing provides, including the challenge of baiting the hook.

Verily, from time immemorial, the sacred bonding of father and son at the old fishing hole is a memory that both will cherish forever. Even the simple act of baiting the hook evokes the deep ancestral memories of…

Oh, screw it! Let’s go to MacDonald’s.


  1. >.<

    The most frustrating moments are when you actually gain full attention at the outset of something but it just takes so darn long ... Urrg!

  2. Ha!! Hilarious sequence! You're so focused on those pliers: good job, dad!

  3. Must have lost his attention.

  4. :-)) Please anything but MacD! :-)

  5. That's cute. I was really getting into the seriousness of this post and then, Wham! I get hit over the head with a punch line.

  6. Not knowing you too well yet, I took this quite seriously at first...then got suspicious of the extremely heartfelt language...then got a big laugh out of it. Very funny!

  7. Oh, and stay away from McDonald's.