Thursday, August 20, 2009

Addition to last Fridays Shootout

I love the fact that are no rules for the Friday Photo Shoot-outs but if there was a rule that you had to post your theme before the next theme arrives, I'd be just under the wire on this one. Tomorrow is "Signs" and last week was "Power" but I just saw a great post that Ginger either revised from last week or posted...and one of her shots reminded me of a picture I would have used but didn't remember it until now. So here is my Last Week Friday Shoot Out Power Post Script Addendum (LWSOPSA)...From 2003 in Oaxaca, Mexico where I seriously doubt there are stringent electrical codes.

My stuff from that trip -- a governmental exchange of bureaucrats for three weeks -- (talk about taxpayer waste) -- frustrates me because I only took a video camera so ended up with a lot ot of poor quality stills.

Why would two countries want to exchange bureaucrats. It would have been a better investment for both Mexico and the U.S. to exchange cab drivers or...electricians.


  1. A work of art!
    Power lines leading to my old apartment building in Saint Paul became exciting one evening when they all caught fire. I bet this batch going up would be spectacular!

  2. Hahaha I love it ...and when I post the Friday Shoot-Out in about 10 hours or so (my morning) ...I'm throwing one in for two weeks away!

  3. my post was two weeks late, I only did a teaser because I didn't have my archives with me in the USA that week. anyway excuses.... I also have several shots (which I couldn't fined last night) like yours showing a great confusion of wires - who could know what the H anyone was paying for in this mess. and yes bureaucrats should be shot not sent aboard on a vacation. I don't have any sign shots.... what to do?

  4. Well it makes an interesting sculpture, though I'd hate to be near it during an electrical storm.

  5. Oh, can't you just imagine if that got hit by lightning?

    Great photo!

  6. I love the laugh I got, Friday or not. You know the power of your humor.


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