Thursday, August 27, 2009

Almost finished with incongruous babble

I knew I had found it! My followers were dropping like flies because of our endless blather! GingerV was suggested we should get our heads behind the camera and stop talking. Kerry was reminding us that all we needed was ONE shot...One. I think I had it. Of course, it wasn't from my hometown but from an Italy trip Karen and I took two or three years ago.

I ran downstairs to show it to Butler. Bagman was still all woo-wooed up (to bastardize a recent Obama saying) in Africa or Alaska with Dorothea.

Even Butler was getting tired of a week-long incongruous debate. So I just plopped the photo in front of him:

BUTLER: "Hmmm... white and black, soft and hard, natural and manmade... Yup. Very incongruous.

I was getting excited and blurted out, "Even more incongruous -- it wasn't shot in my hometown! It was in Venice. Italy, not California."

BUTLER: "I know where Venice is. A very incongruous city. So post it tomorrow and you're done."

My heart sank. I couldn't post it tomorrow because I had already posted it today. I fell sobbing across Butler's desk disrupting his pencil collection which he had spent hours placing in perfectly parallel relationships. "Oh, Butler! I blew it! I only have one and I posted it too early! And I don't have any time to shoot anything new! What can I do?"

BUTLER: "If Bagman was here, he'd tell you to just cheat. Post anything. Post a bunch of your old Venice shots. Your overactive ego has been looking for a chance to show them off. There are no rules that say it has to be in Charleston. Or recently taken. Just throw up anything. But for all our sakes, shut up.

"Well, I could claim that posting something irrelevant to the theme was, itself, incongruous,"
I suggested hopefully.

BUTLER: "Remember the part about shutting up?"


  1. That is a beautiful picture, so full of contrasts and the light just right to make the petals glow.

    How, oh how are you going to top off this chaos of incongruity (though, if you always have chaos, it's no longer incongruous...)???

  2. I really like this photo. The texture of the iron against the softness of the flowers is really neat. I love the iron work of Italy. I have visited Venice only once, but found it a photographers paradise and wish I had owned a better camera on my visit years ago. Looking forward to your photos and glad that you guys seem to be getting along once again.

  3. well, I've never been to Venice, but I've been to Oklahoma...oops, wrong song.
    Lovely photo!!!

  4. the photo is great! also proves your original statement of once photoed (is that a word?) the incongruit becomes harmonious (?)

    did you go to ?
    cool discussion on this topic -
    I like that you are so excited about this weeks shoot out that you've managed a whole week on the topic.... hope you have been teasing just to get us all back here on Friday.... post early am so I can read about it with my morning coffee... Oops will be traveling on Friday morning so wont be able to read until late friday evening - will look forward all day.

  5. When I stop laughing about the pencils, I'll post a response. My sides hurt!

  6. Again, Butler is correct. There are no rules that it has to be your hometown. As long as it is someone's hometown it qualifies. We all like to see the world in photos, so give us a hot Venice photo. I love all your file photos.

    I know Dorethea would like to see photos of Cambridge, but she has not returned.

    Ahhhh. I am so jealous. She is having a great time and I am looking for something bizarre. Hard to find in a sleepy water town. If only Bagman and Dorothea would share their photos with us. Talk about incongruous.

  7. I'm a bit confused. Who is who here? Please provide some introductions.

  8. HAHA! I love it, the congruent nature of incongruentity! I know, Butler and Bagman walk into each other and start acting like the other for the day!

  9. By the number of comments I see you don't have much to worry about. You have alot of flies buzzing around.

  10. I'm here in the corner....rocking......


  11. I like Michelle's comment. Love your photo.

  12. Oh yes, post more photos of Venice that you've been itching to post. I love Venice! Speaking of incongruous, are there pics of Butler and Bagman in Venice?

  13. Even if you don't post Friday, your promotion has been priceless.

  14. And next, perhaps, a shot of you from the flower's perspective? They are clearly checking you out. Pressing their noses against the bars. Flowery bars.

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