Monday, August 31, 2009

On Comments and Shadow Shot Sunday

I never remember to post a shadow shot on shadow shot Sunday (or is it Shadow shot Saturday?) so I'm just sticking this one in for the heck of it.


I've finally figured out a couple of things about Blogger although I still haven't figured out the HTML to make my blog a full page wide like some of you experts.

But there is something about comments that still confuses me. I don't know what to do when someone asks me a question in a comment. Sometimes I want to answer the question. I often see some of you answering by commenting on your own blogs. Barry is very good at this. But I realize that after I make a comment on someone's blog, I seldom come back later to see if someone has commented on my comment.

It's hard enough to keep up with the steady flow of new blogs. It would be almost impossible to go back and see if anyoneone had commented on an earlier comment.

Some bloggers put emails on their profiles and if they ask a question about my blog, I will sometimes email them the answer...or sometimes just to make a smart comment back on a smart comment they made.

I remember one ingenious idea one of you had...sorry, I can't remember who...and you wrote a blog that responded to a whole batch of questions about earlier blogs. It was a cool approach.

Unfortunately usually I just think about the answer, turn off the computer and go to work. I'm usually late enough for work already.

Oh -- that reminds me. Someone asked me in a comment not too long ago whether I was really up at 2:00 a.m. posting because they had noted the time on the post. Actually, it is possible that I was up because with the onset of new dogs and a grandson I can't remember the last time I slept a straight 8-hour night. But the fact is that I have become accustomed, after writing a post to click the "post options" thing and just come up with when a good time to have the post show up. This one I wrote around 6 a.m. this morning but decided for no particular reason to schedule for posting at 1:35 p.m.

What's time anyway. I think my Aussie friends are just going to bed now. Maybe. I don't know.


  1. The easiest way to get a wider format is to find a template with a stretch option - mine is stretch denim, which I find an amusing entendre as well!
    I added the option to send comments to my e-mail, that way I can replly to those I want to. When I was replying on my blog, I found what you did, not many come back for comments.
    Thanks for letting me know how to post at a different time, I was never able to do it until now!

  2. I have comments sent to my email, but many times they comes from blogger and not an email to be able to respond to. A few bloggers that have been in contact over the years have me email for one reason or another. I'd like to stretch my template as well, but every time I fiddle with the template it takes hours to get out of the mess I made with the html!

  3. I know there is an option where you can enable something to send you an email every time someone posts a comment somewhere you left one.......I just dont know where I saw it or how to do it.
    Aren't you glad I sorted that out for you!


  4. Well, I've tried to send an email to blogs that have the Email me button and that hasn't worked out for me. It wants me to set up a windows based email and I always get stuck at the POP Mail address or whatever the heck that is. I have an aol address but don't know how to send email through the comments.

    And as for answering questions.....sometimes I go to that persons blog and answer the question at the same time I am commenting on their blog.

    Bloggre needs to create a simpler way to email.

  5. my blog is full page, course it looks different if you have a different sized monitor than mine (17') I didn't do anything special, just picked a 'blogger' template that I liked by using the 'preview template' function, and am using 'sand dollar' probably tried it because I liked the name, am not very scientific in my processes.
    I have found that I like Comments to come up on a seperate page, on yours your blog comes up again with the comments "Embedded below post" and if I want to go to the next older entry I have to refresh through 'home' and end up back at the top - Mine is set as open in 'pop-up window' after making a comment you close the pop up and are at the same place in the blog.

    because you ask I went to my blogs layout etc and went through the options again, they now have an option under 'settings/basic - global settings (towards the bottom) that gives you an option to us 'old editor' or to op for ' Updated editor - Check out the latest features! " I am going to try this for a while to see if it improved the posting of photos - sometimes it drives me CRAZY - trying to get them to line up in a way that is easy to view.
    I tried the blogger time post on thursday and it put my friday shoot out right out there.... so I posted it on thursday mid afternoon.... I was traveling next day and didn't want the blog to show up so early.... anyway it did post and that is the bottom line. keep up the good work... hugs from Brasil

  6. I am still working on larger photos. I experimented some and ended up with egg shaped photos and some photos I did not recognize, so I returned to the old format. I did manage to stretch my page. Now the photos and text looks lost on that big old page.

    A few people have sent me info but I have not had the time to play with my blog.

    Well, this was no fun, except for the great shadow shot. Love it!

  7. Sounds like we are all about confused to the same degree. Don't worry, when you retire you can play all day. I can't remember which day is which. I like the shadow shot.

  8. B&B...totally enjoyed the post (photo very well done)...I must say the comments you received today were all worth reading. It appears most of us are muddling through the blogosphere, picking up pieces of knowledge here and there...
    Good thing I don't blog for cash!

  9. If you want to follow up on a comment you make, it seems to me, though I always forget to click the box, that you can tick the option to get email notification of further comments on that post. Which may send you mail for -all- further comments, not just the possible answer to yours, which may not be worth it for popular blogs. I'm going to send this and see if this is true...

  10. no, it wasn't. it might only work for blogs that moderate comments.

  11. wait it does work. I was just commenting on Elaine's blog (A Scattering), and when it asked me to identify myself and type the security word there's a box to tick "email follow-up comments to:..."

  12. B&B
    I just managed to put my blog on itunes, so don't ask me, but I think NanU there has the perfect solution! =D I like answering my comments, I don't get that many. I love your photo..... maybe "The Shadow Knows"
    he, he, he!