Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Photo Shoot - Flowers

First of all, I'm sorry this is late...

BAGMAN:  "You're way too weird.  It's still Friday!"

Bagman and Butler have just woken up as I came breathlessly running into the studio after a crazy week of Barclay's graduation from medical school and grandchildren's flu -- but I'm rushing now and throwing up my first photoshoot offering for this week's theme without even running it by Bagman and Butler.

BUTLER: "Hey!  That's not a flower!  It's flour!"

BAGMAN:  "But what could smell sweeter than biscuits and honey!"

BUTLER: "Wait a minute now.  Stop.  Please don't tell me that you are going to do a photoshoot of flowers and never actually post a real flower!!"

BAGMAN:  "Hey, it's different.  I like different."

"Look, guys,"  I explain.  "Flowers are so easy to shoot and there are so many pictures in my archives and flowers are just naturally photogenic -- it doesn't really take a lot of imagination to..."

BUTLER:  "You're lying.  I can tell.  You don't want to show real flowers because you have seen some of the incredible work that the other shooters have done and you're actually avoiding the theme because you're too lazy to rise to the occasion and actually put the work in to really capture the colors and textures.  You're not being clever!  You're avoiding the challenge."

"Why would you think that?" I argue defensively while posting another picture.

Here's a picture of a flower that my grandfather drew
when he was first studying art.

BUTLER: "First of all, it's NOT a flower.  It's fruit.  And secondly you are changing the subject."
BAGMAN:  "I bet it would taste good on biscuits."
BUTLER: "You can't tell me you aren't avoiding the topic because you are!"

"How do you know?"

BUTLER:  "Because we are part of your mind.  We think the same thoughts you do."

"Then you realize that I am about to ignore you entirely.  It's late! I'm tired!  And this is what I've got!

We have flowers on hats that cover our tresses

Flowers on ties...

...and also on dresses.

We have flowers the ceramic humingbirds ate.

and flowers on Karen's grandmother's plates/

We have flowers on lamps that give us some light

and flowers on fridge magnets that keep pictures in sight.

We have flowers skillfully made out of shells

and flowers on spreads stuffed high up on shelves.

BUTLER: "You should quit if the best you can do is rhyme shells with shelves."

BAGMAN:  "Besides...the buiscuits are ready!"


  1. Very creative...and I would just shoot some singular flower against the sky. But I post flowers all the time (I think you said it requires no talent) and thus I have met my quota for spring. Those shell flowers are most intriguing.

  2. I love the lamp and your grandfather's art.

  3. Bagman and I are in agreement-- I like different too. What cleverness! What poetry! Still want to see the beard!

  4. I always look forward to your creative entry, it's always something very different from the rest of the gang's entry.

  5. I agree, I like different. I have flowers on canvas too. Great entry.

  6. Oops, I forgot, Ole, Ole, Ole.

  7. I agree with Jama. You add real creative colour to our bunch (of shooters). You never disappoint!

  8. Your header is, as usual, priceless! And indeed, your approach to the subject is different. And I like it.

  9. I'm with Tabor - I'd like to see more of those shell flowers.

  10. I like that you thought out of the box this week. For a change, I went out and shot specifically for the theme.

  11. I'll take mine soaked in butter and drizzled with raspberry honey, thanks very much.

  12. Cool idea--and now I am craving biscuits.

  13. oh Mark Mark Mark! loved it! like your first shot and the header shot, really made me giggle. the lamp is very nice, antique?

  14. I wrote you a comment several days ago and hit post at the same time my interent hickuped AGAIN. I am beginning to think it is my computer not the connection here and in Friburgo. basically the comment said - did you get the children's flu that you were 'throwing up' flowers? Lol!

  15. I like your take this week. Certainly makes a stand out post.

  16. you are so funny. In New Zealand, flower and flour is pronounced almost the same way.

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