Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poetry Jam - Birthday

How did I get myself into this?

I guess Nan U can talk me into anything.

So now I've had to write a poem for the poetry jam -- first one I've written in a long time:

The theme was Birthday.


And so the Earth
has moved around the Sun
again. To (more or less)
the same spot it was
65 years ago.

Except the whole solar system
has moved millions of miles
during (not to mention)
the galaxy.

So what is the point?
(or where?)
What used to be a great excuse
for ice cream, cake, and presents
all centered around me.

Somewhere (or some time)
along the line, I ceased being
the center of the Universe.

Now I just get black balloons and cards
of grim (but funny) humor
about sags and dribbles and failing
(what's the word?) memory.

And the real point of this poem is
(where did I put it now?)  lost
somewhere in the Universe
that is no longer here (or now)
despite our annual time of
blowing out candles.


  1. 'I ceased being the center of the Universe' ... you hit that nail square on its head!!!!

  2. I laughed at this and appreciated the honesty of it.

  3. life stages, we move quietly from one to the is our time of reflection and acceptance.... but cake is good too. double layered chocolate ..... forget the cake, lets just have chocolate....

  4. Your poem made me laugh (uncomfortably!) We think we are the center of the universe at 2, then again as teens, and then, if we live long enough, as very elderly. I'm not at all sure what, if anything, this means.

  5. Yet another form of art you master - poetry now, too!

  6. That's a good one, Mark, and I'm glad you joined us! I still think of my birthday as the day the universe started to exist (damn that college philosophy class). Any excuse for a day (even a week) off!

    And I really like your task for next week.

  7. That was very cute! I too, agree about your hitting it right with no longer being the center of the universe. Humor, pictures and poetry--wow!

  8. Very drily told; quietly funny.

  9. Love the brackets! Yes, birthdays at our age, are very much edge of the universe occasions...

  10. All things return, Nietzsche said. Maybe the universe etc, etc will come full circle!

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