Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Shootout - Wheels

It is 4:00 a.m. and I stumble blearily into the BB&M studio to post since the day will be filled with grandchildren. 

Bagman is bright eyed and bushy tailed and Butler is efficiently alert. 

BAGMAN:  "Hey, Dude!  Working together again!!  This will be great.  I've got some great ideas for a really funny post!"

BUTLER (saluting smartly): "I've been thinking of how you might alter your masthead picture."

I just stand there swaying, with all of the pixels in my body sagging, and mutter, "I'm sorry guys but this morning I only have time to upload pictures.  I don't even have time to fiddle with my picture at the top."

BAGMAN (irritably):  "You're such a wuss!"

"It's already 4:10 a.m.," I say.  "Let's just get some pictures up and plan for being funny next week."  I slump down at my desk and try to focus on the screen.  There were some archive pictures I found during a few stolen moments earlier in the week.

Charleston Re-enactor wheels
Wheels for waking up
My favorite wheel
My favorite wheel in action

Big wheel or small man?
A little too big to reach the peddles
Even bigger
New wheels
Old wheels

Posting the bicycle shot, I feel kind of confused.  "Hey, guys,"  I ask, "Was this the one I shot through plastic windows at the market or are my eyes just getting bleary?"

There is no response.  Bagman and Butler have given up on me again.  Butler is at his desk reading Emily Post's Book of Etiquette and Bagman is in the corner...well, let's just say that Bagman is in the corner and leave it at that.

While I am waiting for an answer, I lay  my head down on my desk.  



  1. To manage a consistend and legible post with good pictures at 4.00 am is an achievement I don't think I'd manage - respect!!

  2. See that was funny and you didn't even try. I tell you, it just comes naturally. Don't tell B&B it might hurt their feelings. LOL

  3. Ditto what QMM said. She's very insightful. I happen to like the re-enactment wheels, your favorite wheel and the old wheels. You caught quite a variety and they all look good.

  4. Were you in that "Everyone Loves Raymond" where his dad, bro and him went to film in that first photo of yours?

    Did you see me, I was Pocohunta, or did I mix the fictitious story's time time all wrong?

  5. I love that two wheelers with the little kid on it, a perfect contrasting kind of shot!

  6. Can hardly believe you managed all that at 4 am! And manage to be funny as well. I admire your dedication to FSO! My favourites are the little boy on the big bike and the old wheels.

  7. Great accomplishment at that hour- I would be working with only one eye open. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great wheels you have there. I like the last one.

  9. Oh that's a lot of wheels! The second pic got me alert, thinking Hey, that's Monica's bed! ... Not because I'd like to have one, but because I recently watched the episode of Friends where Monica has that one delivered by mistake instead of what she really ordered.