Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bagman's Navy Base Pictures

Since the boys and me are communicating more, I stopped down to the studio just to chat and see if they had any ideas about the Friday shoot.

BUTLER: "Come on, Mark.  It's 'the boys and I.'  Subject, not object."

I nod politely...or maybe I should say "me nod politely".   And I look over at Bagman.  He just glares back.

BAGMAN: "Don't try and stop me!! Go away!!"

BUTLER (leaning over and explaining quietly):  He's upset about the Navy Base Blogs.  We did the houses and then you told the hawk story...

"Against my will," I remined him. 

BUTLER: "It doesn't matter.  Bagman just feels left out because he had been working on some pictures from that day as well and we were ignoring him."

"But we need to work on hearts for Friday," I whisper back.

BAGMAN: "I heard that!  And I'm posting my genius art first!! 

"Did we really take that many different pictures at the Navy Base?" I ask Butler.

BUTLER: "You know you don't get out much and when you did, you kind of went trigger happy."

BAGMAN:  "Stop talking or I won't have room for my pictures.

We both shut up and leave the post to him.


BAGMAN: "Well I didn't really plan it this way.  I just like the spikey things on the navy ships that are dry-humped at the Deyton's Shipyard at the base."

BUTLER:  "That's dry-docked, Baggie.

BAGMAN: "Shut up.  So I shot it even though it was directly into the sun.

BAGMAN: "And since Mark is always upstairs playing with that baby, diapers and bottles and things,
I used his Photoshop.  DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!  I CAN USE IT IF I WANT!  And I cropped it and made a black and white.

BAGMAN:  "And then I...well, I don't know exactly what I did.  I just pushed buttons.  Real artists can't be expected to know what they're doing!  DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!"

BAGMAN: "And I did this one."

BAGMAN: "And this one."

BAGMAN: "And this one.   So there!  Ha!  Call the Museum of Modern Art!"


BUTLER: "That last one would look a little like Max Ernst if you put some color behind it and added some transparency."

BAGMAN:  "Critics!  I hate critics!  Leave me be, you curs!  Don't mess with genius!"

"They're fine, Bagman,"  I say, politely.  "Go ahead and post them."

BUTLER (Leaning close and whispering in my ear):  "I wonder where he learned the word 'curs'."


  1. "They're fine"?!!?! That is an understatement if I've ever seen one! They are much, much more than "fine" - they are GREAT and I love them. All of them!
    *blows Bagman a kiss*

    1. Thank you. And, of course, Bagman blows one back at you, grinning wildly.

  2. BUTLER: "That's dry-docked, Baggie." !!

    Comic gold :D Love ya