Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rank really does have its priviledges

BAGMAN: "I don't wanna go home yet!  I don't wanna go home yet!"

BUTLER: "Come on, Mark.  Bagman is right.  At least this time.  We're out.  The lighting is good.  Give us a little more time."

The three of us had just dropped off the grandchildren and had some time.  So we had gone over to the old Navy Base in North Charleston to see the annual sculpture show which had been very disappointing although we did spend some time stalking a hawk for a future blog.  So I acquiesced and drove further back into the old semi-abandoned Navy Base.

They say that Charleston has had two major disasters in recent times.  Hurricane Hugo (the mention of which still makes people run for cover) and the closing of the Navy Base.

Driving into what used to be the residential area of the Navy Base we discovered that all housing in the military is not equal. 

The majority of navy personnel lived in typical barracks.

Junior officers had it a bit better

Some of these are now being rehabed
for affordable housing

Senior officers
had it
considerably better.

And then there was...

The Base Commander

BAGMAN:  "Tough life."


  1. Not surprised, were you?
    But, oh! Those abandoned, overgrown places! Tugging at my heart, they are, making me want to explore and lose myself in daydreams.

  2. Because of my hubs work, we see this a lot. I think, hmmm maybe I should have joined the navy, or maybe I should make hubs join with his work he would rank very high! Nawww unless they come with a maid, I am sticking to my small condo in deer hills (kind of sounds like a hick saying 'in deer hills) Okay, good day, lol

  3. I note that the housing at the SF Presidio is just the same only older. Rank hath it's privileges.

  4. Wow! Such a discrepancy! Can't wait to see how you incorprate the hawk

  5. I think rank should have its privileges...within reason. More responsibility means more privileges.

  6. 1% versus 99% - the way our world works. would like to see some detail - up close and personal.
    Thank goodness for Bagman begging to be set free.