Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cute baby video

Mark is at the computer starting to paste a cute baby video on Blogspot.

BAGMAN: I’m quitting if you are going to start turning our blog into a long line of cute baby videos!

BUTLER: People love videos of babys!

BAGMAN: They are obligated to say they do…but remember the glazed eyes of people back when Mark would feed visitors and then ask if they wanted to see some home movies?

BUTLER: Let’s compromise and give them a synopsis first and give them a chance to push the play button or move on to someone else’s blog!

BAGMAN: Preferably with babes instead of babies. Or hunks. Or anything!

So Mark agrees to a synopsis first.

Title of video below: Conner first experiments with talking

Length: 1 minute, 20 seconds -- Seems longer

Audience Rating: Rated SD (Somewhat dull)” May contain repeated vowel sounds which induce sleep in people with high intelligence

Brief description of content:

1. Shot of Conner’s face with shaky camera work

2. Conner looks up and makes vowel sounds – Mostly “A’s” with occasional use of “O”.

3. Text overlay with cutesy comment about the camera – Karen thinks that the attempt at humor by calling it a “square thing” is just confusing

4. More “A” sounds. Arms move around a little bit.

5. Mark’s fingers appear in scene and poke Conner (not hard)

6. Mark tries to get Conner’s attention with fingers and Conner either claps his hands in applause response or is trying to defend himself.

7. Text overlay with another cutesy comment

8. Mark grabs Conner’s foot

9. More stuff with Conner’s foot

10. Another cutesy comment

11. Movie finally ends

BUTLER: I think the comments are too distracting.

BAGMAN: They didn’t distract me! I was asleep before the first one came up.


  1. Cute baby, but you have MASSIVE hands! Or they are too close to the camera.

  2. Just perfect:D What a cutie!! Wish mine weren't so grown up sometimes...

  3. Connor is obviously very advanced :)

    And very cute too....what a smile!

  4. Too much fun! So very cute! Enjoy!

  5. *applause* ...I thought he was adorable and gorgeous and spoke beautifully.

    Of course it's ...approx.... 16 days until I become a Grandmother for the first time why wouldn't I like it?!?!

  6. he is cute - and you can do this again in about 6 months to keep us posted on his advancement - you could have bitten his toes or blown air on his feet to make him laugh but you'll learn.
    you can hug him once for me 'gramma ginger' and take a big sniff of his neck - the best smell in the world - baby smell.

  7. So, can I post videos of my cats? How about photos?

    Cute baby. Is he going to grow up to be a Butler or a Bagman?

  8. As a card-carrying member of Bloggers Against Cute Baby Videos (or, Please don't make me Barf on the Keyboard), I have to say the text version is a riot!

  9. Such a winning smile he has, Sirs, and an adorable little film to watch, no matter what Bagman had to say!


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