Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting off the pity pot

Yesterday I was grumpy.

Mostly I was grumpy because I had so many things to do, I was freaking out because I didn’t have time to do them and couldn’t choose which thing to do next.

And one of my favorite people reminded me of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Which reminded me of the time at the end of my drinking career when I was avoiding A.A. like crazy. I knew, by then, I had a problem but was scared to death of giving up alcohol and drugs.


Because I didn’t think I could deal with the boredom. Without a beer in my hand, how could I ever watch a football game again? Or listen to a song? Or write a poem?

When actually…

I was doing none of those things.

So I have to laugh this morning thinking that I was getting frustrated and grumpy because for the last 32 years my life has been so full.

So this morning, we’re off to look at the Memorial Day Sand Castle building competition, plant flowers in at my sister-in-laws, take Brian’s dogs for rabies shots, cook ribs on the grill…and hopefully twenty five more things! And I’ll try not to complain about abundance…


  1. Of course you are Nats:)

    BB, I have decided to love you again, I will share :)


  2. She's quick isn't she?

    I'm so happy to hear of your abundant day.

    *smile* ...

    Isn't sobriety ...a trip?!

  3. Hello BBM,

    Remember to breathe and take a little walk even when you are busy...It helps to get things into perspective...
    Happy Days

  4. Whoo Hooo! 32 years. Impressive!

    The problem I have with alcohol is the pain it now causes when I try to swallow it. So it's on my list of foods and drinks I can no longer ingest. Even in jest. So I haven't had so much as a glass of wine in three months.

    And, you know, life seems pretty much the same without it.

  5. Abundance. What a burden. With me it does not bring anger only guilt.

  6. Its very rare that I arise
    To find sweet poems before my eyes
    To think it was composed for me
    I'm overwhelmed, dear B&B
    Thank you. Blogs can be an art
    And your response has touched my heart.=D

    I always overplan my life and then I am disappointed because I didn't get it all done. Sometimes, I am learning, I need to sit back, take a breath, and look at all the incredible stuff I do manage to accomplish
    in the course of a few hours. I wish you smooth sailing through all of your plans! Try to stop for a moment to enjoy those flowers you are planting.

  7. I relate well to the "over planning" - it is a great escape mechanism, isn't it! As long as we are busy, we don't have to face the things that need our attention the most! Good on ya for reconizing what was going on - sometimes I need a 2 X 4 over the head before I see the light!

  8. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  9. I think 32 years sober is amazing. Hell I get grumpy daily and I have no excuse!

    I've been up since 5:30 Vegas time....this three hour time change blows!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I get feeling the same way BBM, for me overschedualing is sometimes an avoidance technique. Glad you got off the pity pot, because it was about to tip over... would have told you eariler but I knew you'd get off by yourself. :D

  11. Yes, it's such a pity that you have such a full life stuffed with love. It's terrible when you always have something new to think about, some new adventure looming on the horizon. Oh for a life of boredom.

  12. Just enjoy the day, you're off the pity pot and that's all that counts. Surprised I haven't run into you in the pity pot world -- lord knows, I do my share! Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh yes we all need a kick every now and then to realise what we have - sometmes its better just no to think but do.

  14. now thats a great post- love and loathe being so busy i don't know what to do, but its still better than wasting a second xx

  15. It's so easy to complain when, if we just think about it, we actually are really very happy. Happens to me all the time...


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