Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hmmm...can't think of a good title

Well, I'm in a quandry (whatever a quandry is) because I had lots of time today to work on my blog but had so much fun with the Friday shootout that I wanted to do next Friday's shoot out more than a weekend post. The theme, incidentally, is "Random"...which really threw me until I gave up and decided to let Sally, my cocker spaniel handle the whole thing. So next Friday, she is going to be the guest photographer on the Friday Shoot-out and I'm out of it completely.

Although teaching her to use the camera took up the whole day today.

But I figured I can't keep Friday's blog up forever and I need to reset the header photo before I drown. So what will I blog? I don't know. So I've been reading everyone else's blog. And then a line from Michelle's blog reminded me of an old poem.

Of course, after I read it again, I'm not sure that (1) it really had anything to do with Michelle's blog or (2) I even like the poem anymore.

But in order to keep things moving along, I'll copy it below.

And, at least I have Friday's Shootout already done...well, almost. Sally is still writing her commentary.

Strings Attached

I’d never tasted fresher air
than in the freefall
diving through clouds before
the chute opened
and glad of it
the chords jolted my shoulders,
snapped my neck
but brought me down
a marionette with wooden feet
clopping on a stage
arms spiraling outward jerking
that cerebral palsy puppet dance
‘til frozen in a web,
adhesion of silken threads
the female spider wove,
hung motionless
remembering the clouds
and wondering why I ever thought
I wanted a parachute
in the first place.


  1. shucks I wrote you a comment and it didn't post - too bad, just know I was here again.

  2. Oh yes BB! That is beautiful! So exactly what I meant!

    Bit of a wordsmith hmmm

    Hope you are having a lovely day/evening over there..


  3. Actually BB, rereading, it's not exactly what I meant :) But it is a wonderful poem, I love the last three lines...they are so what I meant.


  4. I know that you were referencing Michelles poem, but I, who love sky diving, read it very literally and it got my heart racing just a tad! "Must book a jump soon," kept running through my head as I read it!

    Looking forward to Sally's shoot out!

  5. Snort, snicker thats gotta be the weirdest poem I have ever read. Really can't see the connection, but then I am probably dangling from some parachute strings!! :D

  6. just passed through your blog. and now i am going to follow it.

  7. The poem is a quality fill-in to take us through to the big event! Nicely managed, I would say.

  8. But, if I never had jumped, I would not have known this!

  9. i have never ever wanted a parachute- i fall, i fall hard and wow, that is the lesson of it all.....
    btw- no way would i let my poodle Trevor anywhere near my camera !

  10. Sorry to hear you're in a quandary Mark (whatever that is), but I suspect it has something to do with being at the height of your powers as a comedic writer.

    It looks effortless and is such fun to read.

    Well, until the parachute opens and your feet hit the ground.

  11. Hey, B&B, Michelle didn't have a parachute, she just jumped. I'll tell you, I could use a parachute this week. Have you got any extras? I think I'm in freefall for another week or two. I'm busy spinning spider webs to cushion the landing when it gets here. Thanks for helping me round up all those spiders!
    PS. Please write a blog on the steps necessary to train the dog to take pictures.

  12. I'm still laughing everytime I think about the profile pic with water up to your neck.

  13. Thanks BB for the comments and follow. you know what struck me, i read you profile where you say, "My goal in life was to be Ernest Hemingway.". EH is one of my favorites and "The old man and the sea" is my all time fav of his stories. Looking forward to reading your posts, cheers:)))

  14. That's so funny that you are turning your Friday shoot out over to your dog. I can't wait. Does your dog sing too?
    I wonder, not so much about parachutes, but why I want a lot of things?

  15. Well, you got my day going with the usual giggles and grins! Haven't done the parachute thing, did take a balloon ride once -- cool! Looking forward to seeing what Sally comes up with.

    By the way, is anyone else having problems with Internet Explorer? Mine is a real pain in the a-- these days.

  16. BB! Where is the Connor bath blog post that my feed keeps telling me exists! grrrrrrrr


  17. Normally, I would have enjoyed that poem, but it only made my back hurt. My son and his girlfriend go to Vegas a lot, and she decided this past weekend she wanted to piggy back skydive with one of those professionals.

    They drove three hours out into the the middle of nowhere, and off she went for her first ever skydive. Some kind of freak wind did something (maybe you skydivers can explain it) right before they landed, and she ended up with 5 fractured vertebrate. The instructor broke his foot.

    Yea. Anything can be dangerous. I love danger, but there is something about heights that I have never been fond of. I'll try almost anything once, but skydiving (and I have had chances to jump) has never been one of them.

    I'll have my danger on the ground, please.

    Can't wait to see what you little friend comes up with for our Friday shoot. If my cats could get out and about they could do a nice photo essay on birds. Oh wait. They said to make that, "Bird feathers."

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