Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Town Photo Shoot out-- Red

Too soon the red sun rises on the Friday shoot-out. Bagman, Butler and I are sleepy, grumpy and irritable...Painting the town red. Great topic. Should take a picture of my eyes. Or my attitude. Great theme. The sun rose to the occasion but BB&I aren't so sure. Is it Friday already? Gah!

Although my Town is Charleston, SC, since there are no rules and since I don't have lots of good red pictures and since I'm irritable anyway and a voice in my head is yelling in a Mexican accent, "Rules? Rules? I don't need no steeeenking rules?" ... So here is a red tree. I don't knowwhat kind of tree it was, where it was taken, or when it was taken. I don't remember taking it except it was in a box of my old slides so the odds are that I shot it.

But, Butler reminds me to stop being so irritable and show at least something red about my town. So (grumble grumble) --

We have car shows from time to time

We have the Fire Engine Museum

And once a year, when Gordon requests it, we call in the red paint truck to bring Butler, Bagman, and myself some red paind.

Butler meticulously paints the Ravenel Bridge a kind of tasteless shade of reddish pink

I get overly creative and mix and mismatch techniques and colors on a local fountain, coming up with a kind of Photoshop version of painting a mustache on a political poster.

Bagman just...well, I'm not sure what Bagman did to achieve the above...and probably don't want to know.

Thankfully, the sun finally sets on my shoot-out although it is really rather more yellow than red. So now, I'll post this, grumble some more and go look at what everyone else has done. I suspect that although I don't have a picture of me looking, that I'll be red with envy...oh, wrong metaphor...that's really supposed to be "green" with envy. Red with envy, green with envy, purple with envy -- I don't need no steeenking rules!

I hope my attitude changes before I go to work -- although work is probably at least partially responsible for my attitude.

BUTLER: "Mark. You should call your A.A. sponsor and let him remind you that you, and you alone, are responsible for your attitude. And you have the power to change it. Write a list of things you are grateful for.

Oh shut up!


  1. Cute post and I love that old car and firetruck! Remember the saying, "seeing red?"

  2. Yes, that was it! Seeing red. I think that's the way I woke up this morning...but after looking at most of the other shooter posts for an hour, I'm feeling much better and more inspired...and next week's theme is water...hmmm.

  3. How odd that I chose red as my theme for my 'other blog' today. Must be something in the air. Go back to bed and get some sleep.

  4. I love the antique fire truck. Wow what character! Excellent job Mark!

  5. Loved it! Good job, grumpy. :D

  6. My favorite was the one that had NO red in it - the last one! That is a GORGEOUS photo!

  7. Thanks for the wit and wisdom. The photos were great, too, as always. I put your last photo in as my screen background, until you send the photo copyright marshals around. Then, I will disavow any knowledge of the matter. Age, you know.

  8. They are great photos!

    And you are being a cranky old fart BB! Stop it.....don't make me come over there.....


  9. Great shots.....of course. I am especially fond of the red steering wheel and dash. The sunrise is amazing.
    Why are you so grumbly? Life's too short so stop doing the huffy breath!!! Maybe Karen needs to spank you or something. Okay, maybe that didn't come out exactly right but I'm too lazy to delete it and start over.
    Go dance in the rain my friend.....and tell Bagman to call me so we can discuss this grumpiness issue........seriously dude.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Perfect shots, I took a deep breath looking the so romantic shots of sunset and the red tree. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

  11. B&B - now my day can start for real - I have seen your photos. I enjoyed them all. But the red stearing wheel really does it for me. You know you have been grumping around for a month or more now.... what gives? your blog photos and the writing is the best.... your cute too - so?

  12. Oh my... hope your attitude has improved and you aren't seeing red any more :-) Loved the pictures and your humor.

  13. Wow!!! all the Red shots are stunning! and i have enjoyed reading this humourous write-up! your post has made my day! TGIF

  14. wow!!! These are awesome. I love the sky ones, with the branches...and I like the odd fire one too. The car one was cool too. Great shots, and as usual, great commentary.


  15. My favorite is the third one down -- the car interior. Car bling!

  16. Well even though you have an attitude your pictures are great. I hope you calm down soon. Remember the song don't worry be happy!

  17. Just started looking through this week's pictures, but I think you've got the coolest this week. Your imagination and taste have run amuck. Let's hear it for running amuck! What is a "muck", anyway? How do you run one?

  18. I have to agree with many of the others, the interior of the car showing the dash and steering wheel wins as best photo of the bunch! FANTASTIC shot. All the others are just wonderful, very artistic and creative. Makes me want to work just a bit harder on my next shoot out!! Debby

  19. Love the sunset/rise photos!! They are all excellent pics! :)

  20. Where to start? Your attitude. Sounds like you are rusting into a nice shade of red. What would Ulysses say?

    I was disappointed we did not see your red car, but I would like to take a ride in the red car you posted. Scrumptious.

    If not the car, sitting on that red hot fire engine and having my photo taken by Bagman would suffice.

    Excellent take on the bridge, and I love that old red truck crawling all over those beautiful white boats.

    I like your mustache fountain.

    But, the award goes to Bagman. And you said he did not know how to use a camera.

    Sunrise, sunset...make the most of your time, my friend. As someone who once had to work with light, you know how fast time moves.

    This is Memorial Day weekend, and you know what that means to a photographer? You have a good one, though.


    Funny stuff!! Cool photoshoping, digging and well grumbling as well.

  22. You're really funny :-) I like the red car interior so awesome and the fire truck photo...and the bridge. Great photos

  23. LOVELY red shots Mark I really enjoyed them....

    is it a page 449 day? *sweet smile* ...

    Sarah Lulu

  24. If you read my blog regularly, you would know that I have children that don't sleep. We average between 1 and 5 hours sleep per night.When it is day there, I am up doing the night shift. When Barry posts, it is late at night here, also, my computer is in my kitchen / dining room, and as a mother to five, I spend all my time here and in the laundry. Nothing sinister, all on the up and up. Also, people tend to do things in patterns, as humans do. As a people watcher,I know most of the time who is doing what. Hope this clears this up for you. :D

  25. have too many other girlfriends!

    You're dropped!



  26. Ha that last comment before mine is too funny. I say you can never have too many!

    I thought all the photos were poetic, and what a nice finish! You do not seem grumpy at all, you could have had a week like mine...stolen car, and I got stuck with their joy ride tickets, but there is always a new day, and a nice cup of tea... and of course a smile!

  27. That red truck coming over the bridge is really a cool picture. It just stands out. The sunset is stunning.
    HAve a safe and happy weekend.

  28. I do like Bagman's artistic expression, as well as the red dashboard and the fire engine!

  29. Driftwoodsunrise strikes me as very mysterious. The branches almost menacing.

    Redtree1982 is a red Japanese maple, lovely specimen!

    Hot vehicle shots.

    Very cool whatchamacallit shots, like the smfirewater image-

    Hope your weekend turned out better than planned and scared the grumpy demons away

    “I can't really envision a time when I'm not shooting something”.
    Martin Scorsese