Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dogs at play...(play?)

Well, I'm not posting too much these days...missed the power shootout...but have risen briefly from the kind of blah I'm in to post three pictures I found interesting.

Roxie and Daisy play every night. They romp and wrestle and have a great old time. Roxie is big but Daisy doesn't mind and has a ball. So I thought I'd shoot some pictures of them having fun.

But a movie might have been better because the still shots don't capture the fun they are having and look downright violent instead.

But I promise these dogs were having a ball!!

He's got that camera again, I'll keep an eye on him

Daisy has teeth too

Looks like the end of Daisy's head -- or is she checking Roxie's tonsils?


  1. I'm glad you told us that they are just playing cause it sure don't look like it. Scary big teeth.

  2. It looks like Roxie is a big sweetie to me, but I guess you hafta know rotties to see that.

  3. Yeah, they look like somebody's gonna get hurt! But dogs are funny like that.

  4. Oh, I love Roxie!!! She is so pretty, and you can tell Daisy thinks she is just as big as Roxie! How cute!

  5. Did I mention I have a phobia about large fierce looking dogs? *running*

  6. Did you say fun

    looks like fluffy Daisy's demise..

    Happy days

  7. Fabulous photos Mark.
    They sure are having a great time.
    My cats wrestle each other and snarl and spit at each other all in the name of good fun.

  8. That's what Lindsay looks like sometimes when she plays. It scares the grandkids. Ahhh, they are just playing! It's wonderful they are so happy at your house. I love how you captured their teeth! Gnarly and slobbery! All these teeth make me think that I should have "painted in" an alligator lurking about my shoot out river.

  9. My son has a big dog like that and when they lived here, he used to stare at me while I was eating my lunch...lets just say I was afraid he might look like that if I finally did not learn how to be the boss...oh and you did do the power post, and managed to fit the one before in to, so you are good on my end!

  10. dogs are so much fun. mine has been gone since last fall. she is missed. have fun with your dogs and keep the pics coming!!

  11. Did you clean up the blood? Or was it a lot of hot air, trying to establish the alpha? Our daughter's Callie does this all the time. And two seconds later is smelling butts. When do we get pictures of the butt smelling?

  12. That's the way we see the hummers in our back yard. HH says they are fighting over the feeders and butterfly bush. I think they are flirting or just having fun.

  13. Where is poor Sally when all of this was going on?

    Great photos, my friend.

    Give Bagman a pat on the rear for me. Away to Africa!

  14. Please, no pics of butt sniffing.

  15. Dear Abbey,

    I am at wit's end, there is this big bully in my house. He thinks he is big and can push me around.His dracula teeth gives me nightmares.

    Do you think I should poison his food?