Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Adventure in Independent Living by Conner

Don't worry about me at the beach.
I can get my own potato chips.


What?  Where?  I don't see anything.

Wait a doggone minute!  There were 9 chips in here a minute ago!
I wonder if Diggy took some...thinks he's so sneaky  
lying on the ground behind the chair with that camera.
I don't care.

Potato chips make me thirsty. 
Don't bother, Diggy, I can get it.

BAGMAN: "Yeah yeah...cute pictures and all.  But who is this Diggy character?"

BUTLER:  "You don't pay close attention, do you, Mr. B?  That's just his grandfather name."

BAGMAN:  "Why does he need a grandfather name?   What's wrong with Gramps?"

BUTLER:  "Nothing.  But.  Well, (sputter sputter) names are names.  They just happen."

BAGMAN:  "No they don't!!  Names require thought!  They are important parts of who we are!"

BUTLER (thinking):  "You may be right.  I do kind of like the name 'Butler'."

BAGMAN:  "My vote was to call you "Pain in the &$$."

BUTLER:  "You didn't have a vote!"

BAGMAN:  "Did too!  I'm older than you, remember?"

BUTLER:  "Well,  (sputter sputter)  I'm glad he had the final say on my name."

BAGMAN: "Who?"

BUTLER:  "Diggy.  I mean Mark.  Oh heck, let's have a potato chip if they're not all gone."


  1. What's in a name? A rose by any other etc etc - but what if you got called Humperdink Fitzwilliam Throstlemyer? would it stop you being a social butterfly?

  2. Names do just sort of evolve. I don't know how or why it started, but I've always had creative names for my daughter. Mostly it's Monkey, but it's been Peanut Butter Muffin Cup and Munchkin and Piderman and Chicken Little. As of late, I've taken to calling her Monkey Doodle. She's always giggling when I add something new with a twist. Even at 18 it makes her laugh!!

    Now pass the potato chips!

  3. Diggy is cute - can anyone call you that or is it reserved for Connor? Fortunately, our youngest granddaughter's name for her grandfather did not stick - it was 'Oompa'. I did have a great deal of fun calling him that though - while it lasted.

    Have a good day, Diggy.

  4. I wanted the grandchildren to call me Nonna which is supposed to be Italian for grandmother. But as you said the name is an evolutionary event and I am now known as Neena! Go figure.

  5. Cute kid. If you want more, come visit here any time. Nice to have you drop by too. Even without a note. :)

  6. So where did the name come from? He's cute :)

  7. Awww he's so sweet and Diggy is a gorgeous name.
    My granddaughter calls me Lulu ..

  8. Someone is intent on eating potato chips and basking in the sun! So cute! Diggy is also a very cute name as well.

    Thanks for the humorous comment on my blog. I'm glad you get the creative constipation...that's IT exactly! You expressed it well!

  9. How cute. How sweet. How so very you. And Bagman. And Butler.

    Love the "worm's eye" view.

  10. Awww, he is a sweet heart! lovely photos, I have just tagged you on my main blog. Enjoy if you wish!

  11. Well B&B you won't let Mark be silly, or cry or rant or whine. How did you two get to be so prim and proper? You all are putting a crimp in his creativity. Let him tell us he loves us. We love him. So there.

  12. I firmly believe that grandparents should be named by their offspring's offspring. My eldest made up a name for his grandmother when he was about 2 and it stuck - she loved it, we loved it, they loved it - everybody was happy and it was totally personal. You're a lucky guy to be Diggy.
    Love your sense of humour, Mark.

  13. I like Diggy. Good choice, Connor.

  14. Conner is really cute. Lovely photographs. :)

  15. Very cute pictures Diggy. I mean Mark.

    My new grand daughter, for some reason known only to her, calls her brother Tim, "Gaa".

    So now we've all taken to calling him "Gaa".

    Poor Tim.

  16. Oh, I lOVE it!!!
    Beautiful pictures of such a beautiful child!

  17. Funny, recently I've found my mind circulating through acceptable grandma names...just in case. I love the way my brother's grand kids call him Poppio. Haven't hit on anything I like for a grandma though!