Monday, March 22, 2010

On comments

Dear Blogspot Friends,

Bagman and Butler walked in on me unexpectedly the other day and caught me crying. 

Of course, they didn't know exactly what to do.   Bagman considered the Heimlich Maneuver.  Butler started to design a database in order to run a statistical analysis on my feelings.   Seeing their confusion, I made it simple and explained it.

"When I read everyone's comments on my blogs, I get humbled and frustrated because I want to reach out and hug everyone.  I want to go to everyone's blog and write long letters to them telling them how much they mean to me.  People tell me I'm funny and creative and a good photographer -- and those praises are so powerful because I've seen the blogs of all my blogspot friends and know how talented and creative and wonderful they are.   I don't know how to 'thank you for your support' adequately."

BUTLER:  "That's really nice, Mark.  I'm sure the people who read and comment on your blog will be glad to know how much they mean to you."

BAGMAN: "Pfui!  He sounds like a school girl who's just grateful that someone asked her out!"

BUTLER:  "Leave him alone.  Gratitude is a good thing!"

Anyhow, I wiped away my tears -- although I've never been really capable of crying so the tears were figurative and easy to wipe away.  Although the feelings behind them, if they had been actual tears, are true.  I really do feel humbled when people I admire and respect so much like things I post. 

Because the feeling goes in the other direction as well.  When I have the time -- which seems rarer and rarer every week -- I look at the posts of everyone who comments and the posts of everyone I follow -- and I am blown away by the quality of thought, perception, writing, photography that is out there.  

Aw shucks -- I just love y'all so much.  

BAGMAN:  "I think I'm going to throw up."

BUTLER:  "Then go do it someplace else, please.   Mark's trying to be serious here."

So Bagman and Butler quietly left the room.  I sat for awhile longer.  Took a deep breath and started to explore all the incredible and interesting things that my bloggy friends around the world have been saying and doing today.  But then my grandson woke up and it was time to re-enter my actual day to day life.   And I'm grateful for that life too!  It's just a shame that I can't be everywhere at once all the time.  




  1. Aaawww, Mark, that was really nice, and a very original way to express what's in your heart.

  2. You're so sweet! (as well as talented, etc, etc, all good stuff!) I love all the friends I've made through blogging.

  3. Time for blogging (including visits to other blogs) is a permanent matter of frustration! ... but there are some I just try not to forget!!

  4. You have a really soft and sensitive side. Make sure it does not get the better of you, you goof! Oh, yeah, we all love you back big time.

  5. There is a real place for blogging friends and their wonderful comments in our lives. If I didn't have them I would be sad. But when it comes the those GRAND~babies they can't compete :) But when they are gone or napping please continue to keep us enlightened and entertained because you really do brighten our days :)

  6. How sweet of you to express your appreciation! I guess that is what the comments really are too. Expressions of appreciation for the time, effort and thought that goes into a post. I love the variety in your posts - but mainly I enjoy your world view - your take on life. Why I don't even mind the whining!

  7. I've got to get caught up on my blog reading. I've missed you guys! (Especially my boyfriend Baggy....)

  8. I understand how you feel--I get the same emotional high when I read the comments from my readers! I want to thank them all in some special way of coming back day after day--week after week to my blog. I do visit as many blogs that I can, but time is limited.

    Meanwhile, an appreciation post helps them and you out. Thank you.

  9. And just know that even when we don't have time to comment, we do read!

  10. I feel the same way. Very well said. I admire your sensitivity, your humor, and your writing skills.

  11. From the heart! Thanks, Mark. I love reading about what you (and the boys) are thinking and doing. It always brings a smile, no matter how stream of consciousness.

  12. Mark dear Mark you are a living treasure and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

    "A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked".
    ~~ Bernard Meltzer

    Big hugs
    Peggy xxx