Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Shootout - Remembrances

Remembering, today...just remembering.

My mom

My dad

My grandfather

My grandmother

Johnny Blake

Lee Armen, my best hippie friend

Eddie John, my best non-hippie friend

Karen's mom

Big Mama - Karen's Grandmother



  1. The chess player photo is is like a wonderful old oil painting - a work of art in its own right. An extremely interesting picture gallery all together.

  2. I started scanning and posting a few photos from our thousands of slides and putting up on Facebook and it has been fun watching my children's friends enjoy this trip down memory lane. I could spend forever with blog posts. Your first picture looks just like several of my husband with his mom.

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  4. In case you were unaware, I did find Butler and Bagman and sent them home.

  5. Great remembrance to the love ones, I wish I have more photos of my late siblings and dad to share .

  6. Nice post - your photos are always excelent choices.
    I read 'from the trash bin' also. I am confused by Butler's boredom - should he enjoy the 'shoot from the hip', just the facts ma'am dialog?
    have a great weekend.

  7. That was a great post. How wonderful to have such good photos of the generations. Karen's Mom and Grams look so much alike. Now surely B&B was happy.

  8. I enjoyed these photos one and all! Great to have them.

  9. Enjoyed your lovely Photo's.. My house burn't to the ground and I am still looking for photo's of family from relatives, Just got one of Mom and Dad by the Bi-wing I may publish it ..Just learned how to scan to blog.
    Cherish your photo's and wonderful memories.. yvonne in Maine

  10. Dear Butler, and Bagman who also pushes buttons, The photo page is supposed to be a serious place, but I find myself a bit maudlin the last few days. You can also find me here with daily mutterings at Postcards. Sometimes less maudlin, no less sober....almost 26 years of it. Amazing grace is really AA.

    I like this format of yours. Sometimes I do a bulleted Friday or a Wordless Wednesday as escapes to reality. No alter ego here unless it is my Geezer, but he has his own blog. My first blog is on Open Diary as Day Tripper.

  11. Wonderful photos. I will come back later and study them better. I am rushing around, getting ready for our trip to Vegas - its my birthday!

    Be on the look out for the adventures of Crabby Crab in Sin City. I overheard him talking to Sookie about stowing away in our luggage. I will try to prevent that, but you know how those sneaky crustaceans have a knack for hiding.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. I love it, too bad I have not learned how to talk less, and show more!

    Love the photos, especially the 'best friends', funny how we all have that mix of friends we hung out with!

  13. Great pictures as always! Getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!!!!

  14. I think we're related - your grandfather looks like my grandfather.

    Very nice mementos to have, and to share.

  15. Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment.
    Your post today reminded me to be thankful for my treasured photos. Thank you for sharing.
    Bright blessings.

  16. Wonderful photos. Wish I had decent old photos of my parents and grandparents. Just love the simplicity of your post, compared to the complicated earlier deleted post.

  17. I wish I have a photo of that chess playing like yours. It evokes so much memories. My grand parents country homes, (both sets of grandparents) didn't have electricity. They used lamps like those.

    The other more sweet memory, I must have been 9 or 10, Dad taught us Chinese chess. He sided with me against my bro who was two years older than me.

    Dad went check mate, and my bro conceded he had lost but couldn't believe it. Next to my greatest surprise, Dad mixed up all the pieces. Then he whispered to my ear, Actually my brother had another piece, and we would have lost. I could not believe to this day, that Dad cheated!!!!!

    Thanks for great comment on my post. It was meant to be a thought provoking one, I have moved on, and don't feel heart wrenching myself.

    It has become my mission.

  18. Great photos. I am such a fan of the old black and whites. Thanks for sharing.

  19. No words needed. Your photos are excellent. You must come from a family of photographers. I really like the photo of your mother.

  20. And by the way - B and B can just cram it if they complain about you posting things from your archive.

  21. Look at this, I drop in on a Saturday morning to find you still in Friday.

  22. Hi Mark

    I loved the family album especially the photo of your grandmother at the piano. Tell me what is in the corner behind her...a ghost from the past, or rising damp?

    Happy days

  23. That was an impressive stroll down memory lane. Impressive for me, no doubt far more than that for you, but these things are invariably of general interest. This one was excellent.

  24. Beautiful memories Mark. I especially love the first one. Is that you in the boat?
    Also Sally is gorgeous. :)
    Peggy xxx