Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Shootout -- Wrought Iron

Please forgive the brevity of this post but I don't have much time.  Bagman and Butler have locked me out of my computer because they think I've been whining too much about not having time to blog.  So I am hiding in the bathroom from them and trying to post this through my cellphone. 

I'm afraid I don't have many wrought iron shots anyway...wait a minute.  Did that sound like whining?  I don't know any more. 

This one is actually fairly recent.

This is even newer...but I'm not sure it's "wraught" iron. 
I may have to look up "wraught."  

This one is an optical illusion.

This one I've posted before...I may have even posted it twice. 
I'm really sorry to keep repeating it and...

Wait! Someone is banging on the bathroom door.

BAGMAN (Voice muffled from behind door): "Hey!  I hear whining in there!  You aren't using your cellphone to post another whiny shootout, are you!!!???"

Okay.  I have to hurry up even more now. 
...and this one and...

Optical illusion resolved

Does aluminum count?  Gracie will probably kill me for posting this one
She is much older now.

I'm sorry that I don' have more...  Wait!  Gotta Go.  The door's being kicked in!! 


  1. Are you safe over there. I think B&B are getting awfully hostile. There are some nice photos. I love the rusted gate.

  2. What happens at TB&BC, stays at TB&BC...otherwise I talk about you all the time! Nice pics and post! Now I have to catch up...

  3. Oooh you have some good pictures here. Love those optical illusions, and the one you say you've posted twice is such a winner. I was hoping for a Charleston cemetery shot, and you have a good one! I went to an old cemetery here, but it was surrounded by chain link fence, not nearly as cool.

  4. I like the patterns on the 1st, and 4th picture, so artistic.

  5. I like the first one, looks like a family heirloom. As for Gracie, was she in a production " distressed damsel rescued by a knight in shiny armour. Only B & B forgot to polish it. No wonder Mark is whinging and whining. (I ise the word whinging more than whining)

  6. Brevity is not a fault. Indeed, the post is faultless. Fantastic images. Really. Thanks.

  7. Terrific post Mark. Fun to read.

    You can post that photo of the flowers against the wrought iron fences as many times as you like. It's excellent.

  8. You have some very artful wrought iron finds.

  9. Always a pleasure to stop by here! I really like the faces on the gate, but the commentary is the best.

  10. Giggle need a better door man!! Loved the shoot always wonderful amazing shots and an equally amusing and wonderful story too! Tell the boys to back off or I am going to take my halo off!! Hugs, Sarah

  11. You need a wrought iron gate to bar your door. A really ornate one!

  12. Hi all, Hi B & B and Mark,

    I wasn't doing it deliberately. Like Jama's comment, I was worried the house owner would come out and ask me what I was doing taking photos of his/her house. So I went at an angle so hopefully he won't see me. Also in other photos, I was in my car making myself as inconspicuous. The photo of the house with the stairs and balcony, I was stalking the owner for a long time. He kept going up and down the stairs. I thought he would never go into the house.

    My comment in response to yours about the slanting photos. Are you worry free when you take photos of other people and their properties?

  13. I absolutely love the one of the flowers coming through! I hope you'll continue to post it occasionally!

  14. I'm glad you reposted the one of the flowers coming through the fence--that is a great one!

  15. I don't know if the second shot is wrought iron but I love it!! very cool. nice shoot out!!

  16. ...are you bleeding? Shall I dial 911 for you? Should I have my sponsor call you?

  17. Neat shots. Love the angle on the second the way I've got a blog award for you, check it out here The Candid Reviewer

    Sorry it's a bit girly, haha, but hey your writing has been a ray of sunshine on some otherwise cloudy days.

    All the best

  18. The photo of Princess Gracie and her knight in shining armor is awesome!

  19. Another very fun post, Mark. Took me a few looks to figure out the optical illusion - what's it from?

  20. You know how to pick 'em. OI is too kool. Love the last shot. What fun!

    I am really, really retiring in May, so I will be baack. Looking forward to more fun with my favorite boys.