Monday, March 8, 2010

Microfiction Monday - the seduction

I'll take a nother shot at microfiction Monday.  The weekend has been nuts and I'm not sure the microfiction is 140 characters...well, it is if you don't count spaces... I can't remember how the official thing works and don't really have time or energy to go check it.   But here is the picture I'm supposed to use and the story that goes with it. 

Don't you want to slip your hand under my suit, Sweetie?

Not really.

You don't? I'm hurt. Why not?

Because there's nothing under it. Did you forget that you're a cartoon?


  1. I love it, Mark! Glad you decided to be crazy and join the fun! Besides, you have a great imagination and you can come up with some great ones I know -- you just did! Hope your week goes well!


  2. Looks like you are going to be a natural Mark on the Microfiction is right up your alley....interesting expression eh!!
    "Blackadder usually uses a magazine as toilet paper, and when his General ask him if he knows that magazine he answers he does. So General says "top-hole, BA, I thought..."

    PS Top-hole means the best.

    Peggy xxx

  3. I'm not sure if I like this or Whiner Wednesday better. Neck and neck, maybe.

  4. Those clueless toons! What did they say about Jessica Rabbit, "she's only drawn naughtily?" Something along those lines...

    Well done!

  5. Let's take off the suit, shall we? Then they'll have to draw me some interesting parts.

  6. Oh I got a good laugh out of that. That is the first I have of MicroMonday. Neat idea.

  7. You are really good at this! Of course these two are just toons. So simple!
    Glad you're here with us, great addition!
    I'm another Peggy I see!

  8. Aw, poor cartoon! ROFL what a way to break it too.
    I'm glad you played in spite of the hectic weekend!

  9. A good try! Not surprised, coming from you!

  10. Great take on the picture, I'd never would have thought of Cartoon. Nicely Done.

  11. Darn those cartoon women! lol

    Nicely done Mark. I'll look forward to more in the future.

  12. Hello from Houston Texas - I guess I need to take the time to read carefully - 140 characters NOT words.