Monday, March 1, 2010

Microfiction Monday

Okay, I succombed to temptation.  I don't really need more deadlines and organization in my life -- or maybe I do.  Friday Shootout is my favorite.  Zebra Thursday is fun to watch.  But somehow I got intrigued, at least this week, with Microfiction Monday where they give you a picture and you have to write a story about it in exactly 140 words. 

BAGMAN: "If you start twittering, I'm moving out!!!"

But it's a challenge and it incorporates my favorite Mr. Linky site.  I'd go to that site just for the name if there wasn't anything on it.  I could just skip on down the road all afternoon sing-singing, "Mr. Linky, Mr. Linky, Mr. Linky..."

BAGMAN: "I'm moving out anyhow!  You've lost your mind!"

Anyhow, below is the picture -- not one of mine.  And the 140 word novella to go with it.

"Alice! Come back! I won't leave the gate open again!"

"You said that last time!"

cloppy clop clop.

"And whose field were you in anyway?"


  1. Sometimes temptation is a good thing. You did a great job with this!

    More please.


  2. That's 140 words? Crikey, I could do better than that!

  3. Oh, yes - this really captured the spirit of the thing! LOL! How about starting up another theme day - Microfibre Monday - how to clean up your act in 140 flicks of the duster?!

  4. I'm with Pauline (not that I could do better - no way) but isn't that 25 words.... I feel cheated and want to know the best.

    I have another question??? why is it BAGMAN is complaining when you are being creative - shouldn't it be BUTLER?
    to quote (or copy)... BAGMAN: "I'm moving out anyhow! You've lost your mind!"
    Shouldn't Bagman be glad your loosing your mind??? maybe your alto ego are also changing and maturing with time.

  5. Ha ha on all the comments...the post is a hoot too :)

  6. You got a funny one too! Glad you decided to join, I just started the weekly madness 3 weeks ago.

    Here's to being in the substance abuse field, hooray! I used to be a CADC and worked in a methadone clinic and a day program - would still be doing that but life threw me a curve ball...
    Anyway, nice to meet you, and glad you stopped by my blog :)

  7. Aw, poor Alice. She does look pretty perturbed!

    Welcome to MM! I love seeing all the different stories people come up with.

    I see on your sidebar that you are in Charleston. We just enjoyed a wonderful visit there for our 30th anniversary in December.

  8. Hey, Mark! glad you've joined the fun and this is a terrific first one! You just gotta watch that gate!! Have a great week!


  9. Welcome Mark;
    So nice to meet you and your blog.
    and am glad you joined our Monday Madness, it's fun and a good way to start the week!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!
    My gate is always left open by some phantom person or animal! Hmmm!
    Loved your take on the picture, can't wait for next time!

    Somebbody is aways leaving my gate open.

  10. Don't take any of that 'bull', Alice--keep going! ROFL Excellent little story!

    And if anyone else wants to play, by writing a story of 140 characters or fewer, they're of course welcome to join in at the Microfiction Monday sign-in page on my blog.

  11. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I am so tempted....

  12. Too the moon the moon. LOL love this. Well done and Welcome to Microfiction Monday. Rabbit, Rabbit

  13. LOL, i wonder what else these bovines are up to.
    great starter, and welcome

  14. Welcome to Monday Madness, Microfiction, er, Welcome :D A great entry and a spur to some funny comments too! Hope to see you back 'round the game in the future! I'll be back to rummage around your pages during the week - I love poetry

  15. What a wonderful first time! Thanks for joining in!

  16. Me thinks Alice has a thing for the Bull next farm over. Nice one and welcome to MfM

  17. Loved that last line..too funny!

  18. Good job. But you are the type of writer that would do this so well.

  19. A jealous THAT'S a twist I didn't see coming. :)

    Well done.

  20. I don't know which was best the post or all the comments. Now that is fun. Nothing like B&B getting into the act.

  21. You'd think they were born in a barn