Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Whiner Wednesday

For this week's "Whiner Wednesday," I've decided to whine again about having too much to do and too little time to do it in.  Go to work, try to keep up with correspondence, pay attention to family, take photographs, work on blogs, read blogs from people I love, and try to learn something about the stock market so if I ever retire I can keep from having my 401K blown away by another market downturn.  And I keep thinking I should pick up the guitar again although the strings are so old I'd have to restring it and I need another activity like a hole in the head.  Whine whine whine.  

I don't yet have a Mr. Linky link for Whiner Wednesday and, hopefully, it is a one shot deal.  I just like the way we have all started naming days of the week.  Maybe next Wednesday will be Guitar String Wednesday.  Or Wadded Boxers Wednesday.  Or Wasted Wedensday. 

Of course, I'm planning to post this on Wedesday although I'm writing it on Tuesday because today is "Put off until Wednesday" Tuesday. 


  1. I hope you realize that I'm taking notes on how to whine properly, Mark. You can do it all you want if it's always this funny.

  2. The stock market is a figment of everyone's imagination. Just thought I would bring that out.

  3. reminds me of when I had little ones and when they would whine - I had a whiney voice to talke to them in - they would end up laughing at me and we would then talk about the wrongs I was commiting. I have actually stopped looking at 'red monday' or 'yellow something....' well acttually I am down to reading you and Barry and am down to only 2 or 3 comments a week on 'flowers' used to get 100 hits a week now about 10 - have to pay your dues by going to other blogs.... you know not everything has to be done today - work yes, paying attention to family yes - the rest can wait until .... well later.

  4. I always hoped someone would declare a day for whining. Whine-away-Wednesday.

    Actually, I am a recovering whiner so I will have to resist the temptation ... not easy ... ooops ... did I just whine about not allowing myself to whine?

  5. So many memes, so few days of the week.
    I wish a week was two weeks long, sometimes, to space things out more. With only 7 days, one whinge is barely over when the next is due.

  6. I think this necessitates adding extra days to the week.

    Whining comes with my job. No one can whine like a photojournalist.

  7. Oh, Oh, Oh....I just discovered you. Obviously I am a bigger person for having found you. Delighted. Joyful. Wonderful moments. :)

    I gave up things like sculpture, pottery, painting...where I got my degree. Old does not mean half finished projects anymoore. Art, photos, poetry, quilting, classes, house, husband, and most importantly AA. Life works now.

  8. Oh Mark as someone above, I mean the above comments said, you can whine all you want as long it is as funny. I don't see how you working folks do it. I sometimes sit here and the day is gone before I realize it. I don't even need to know what day or what time it is.