Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zebra - sort of - Thursday

Well, it's a weird horse sculpture --- sort of zebralike.

Maybe if I get a chance later in the morning, I will paint some stripes on it and make it more zebra like.

Time passes -- it is now later in the morning. 

I zebra'ed it up a bit.

But now I feel:    (A)  Really trite and hokey
                            (B)  Guilty for taking liberties with somebody's public art work
                            (C)  Guilty for taking liberties with zebras
                            (D)  Mostly A


  1. and I like the zebra'd-up version too.
    though if anyone is policing those taking liberties with zebras, I think I'm the one in trouble...

  2. Uh....okay...

    It kind of looks like one of those where you can see the insides of the animal. Gross. Sort of how you see a picture of a cow in a cookbook sectioned off to show you what is the round roast, where the T-bone is, etc...

  3. I'm hoping the liberties you took were in photoshop and not on the real piece of art!! You have a knack for luring me in and making me question my sanity, Mark - zebras, cardinals,...
    Alright, I'm kinda, sorta giggling. :)

  4. I'm laughing Mark. The horse looks like he's got his zebra pajamas on ready for bed.

  5. Hey! just checking in.. Your photo on my followers lost had a big red X
    what does that mean???

  6. Does it help to know I'm laughing? And when I'm about to go into the dungeon for a morning of sorting and organizing, laughing is most excellent.

  7. I go for B, since I'm an artist. Came over from Barry's blog, so I'm in a giggly mood

  8. Well, you tried. It actually is a horse in a zebra costume.

  9. I'm laughing too... love the Zebra stripes!
    Hey, thanks for stopping by my humble photo blog and leaving a comment! Winters in Iowa are so long, cold and brutal! You have no idea how much a flower bloom, a robin sighting, and raindrops instead of snowflakes can lift the spirits and give us hope that Spring is just around the corner! DH and I have grown to hate Iowa winters, so decided to embrace what we hate and go out and play in the cold and snow with cross country skiis. (See my Feb. 13 and Feb. 23 posts) Now we look forward to the next snowfall.
    Love and Light~
    OM girl

  10. I'm with Bonnie, wondering if you did it in real life or photoshop, and I am guessing the latter..