Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't mind him, he shoots all kinds of weird stuff

Karen and I were taking Daisy for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday. 

BAGMAN: "Chicken-dweeb!  You and Butler always try to make yourselves look so nice and pretty!  Why don't you be honest and admit you were dragged into the cold because you didn't want your wife to be irritated with you for spending the afternoon on the couch!  

BUTLER:  "If you weren't so self-centered, Baggie, my friend, you would realize that compromise and caring for others can be a good thing sometimes."

BAGMAN: "Said like a perfectly, well-trained spouse."

I will ignore my friends as they debate over my motivations.  In any case, a few blocks away we passed some good friends (whose names I don't know, but we always wave) and they were cleaning out their garage.  Karen and I sauntered in to chat for a moment.

BAGMAN: "Be honest!  She went in and you followed obediently and depressed, realizing that she was taking notes and that you were now going to have "cleaning out the garage on your honey-do list."

I guess.  But as she was chatting away with our energetic neighbors and noting that they were painting the walls as well, my eyes were wandering around piles of tools, boxes, and some big ceramic pots...one of which caught my eye.

The woman saw me kneeling down and said, "What are you shooting?"

Karen said, "Oh, don't mind him.  He shoots all kinds of weird stuff."

I just smiled.  I do tend to like reflections alot.

As we walked on, Karen said, "Do you think a beige or a light gray would look good in the garage?"

"Whichever you like, honey,"  I said, not mentioning that Daisy had just finished pooping in their yard. 


  1. Being a well-trained spouse is a very good thing!

  2. Wonderful eye for a photo and very funny as usual. You can make the most mundane activities interesting.

  3. hee hee hee 'honey-do list'.
    I like that!

  4. You didn't confiscate it into your doggey-do bag? Tsk tsk. Love your all your reflections.

  5. I am puzzled...why do people fuss and paint their garages? The family I was a PC for...their whole block fussed over who would have what color in the garage...okay I will stop, and not inject my own opinion, but I do like reflections, and you have captured what looks like a pine tree with legs...I could write a story off of that...

  6. Nice, weird shot. I tried some of those yesterday. Yes it is good to be a well mannered souse, I don't like the word trained. I don't like any put downs about any one. I have seen many marriages ruined just because of put downs , excessive of course, that injure one's self-confidence. Keep on shooting. You shooting for circles I guess.

  7. great shot!
    No doubt you will find a great angle to shoot your freshly painted garage!

  8. EXcellent shot once again and the humor is just what I needed at this moment. My husband often hides the fact that our dog just went in someone else's yard too.... and I carry doggie bags with me so I can be a good neighbor.

  9. I don't like gray or beige in a garage, need something unusual - royal blue maybe?
    great catch on the photo.
    do you really need a honey-do list - I love a man that just gets things done cause they need to be done.... a real man! as far as I am concerned.