Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Association Wednesday

I don't know why I titled it that. 

If I recall correctly, it is already Zebra Wednesday except that I ran out of zebra shots a year ago.

I hate it when people at work called it hump day.  Not all of us hate work that much.

Thank you, Nan for reminding me about batteries.  Unfortunately they had already taken out the trash.  But I promise that I do recycle almost everything else and will now, most certainly, recycle batteries as well.  I think I used to believe it was only the rechargeable ones. 

Town plaza is a great topic for NEXT week's Friday Shootout.  Bells would be another appropriate topic.

I'm really glad that I don't have to pay for free association. 

My brain just stopped working.  I'm also really glad that it is recycleable and that I can recycle it by just closing my eyes for a few hours. 


  1. It's good to know there's a forum for you express these ideas before you go out in the real world, where you're expected to make a minimum of sense.

    Zebras are Thursday, silly!

    Wednesday used to be my very favorite day of the week, back when being in school was way better than being at home with the family. Now I like different days for different reasons.

    Me too I had Friday's topic confused. Thought it was "Special". But no.

  2. I'm game to belong to any association that is free to join... Does this count?

  3. Isn't Friday aquariums? I like the idea of bells for the next week. Linda recycles all our batteries for us at her school. I. like zebras but don't think I have a single photo of one (but I know where to find some excellent zebra photos on Thursdays if I ever need one).

    I discover I have something in common with Jinksy--I'm happy to join any association that's Free!

  4. Now I am confused, again. I thought Friday's theme was aquariums and I have heard two other topics mentioned here. B&B I sure am glad we have the team association to keep us straight. LOL

  5. Future Topics
    Feb. 12 - "Aquariums" by ChefE
    Feb. 19 - 'Town Plaza" by Redlan
    Feb. 26 - MyTown Friday Shoot-out one year aniversary - Do it again - your favorite topic, by the TownBlogger Team

    March 5 - A special tribute - by request ChefE

    special - was not on the dated list -
    bells is a good idea - I will add it to the topics to be shuffled....

    you can always leave a question or comment on the topics posts and I'll respond. Someone else can also take over the task if I am confusing everyong.

  6. I love work.

    Hump day? Perhaps it refers to mid-week rekindling of marital relations?

  7. okay,
    now what exactly do we DO with the batteries once we've segregated them from the rest of the trash?

    every once in a while we get a flier,or some other notifier, telling us that over in the next county, in the middle of a workday, someone is collecting old batteries.

    end result?

    we have a bagful of batteries accumulated over the years.


    clever post, enjoyed it. :-)

    bells for the coming week sounds good.


  8. Every day is free association day, kind of. At a school where I once worked there was a custodian who told me "you only gotta make it through Monday..." My town doesn't have a plaza.

  9. I'm chuckling still for not having to pay for free association. Good one!

  10. Thank you so much for sequestering your old batteries, bare-eyed sun! Where to take them depends on the collection schemes in your area. Try googling 'used batteries' or 'battery recycling' or somesuch term along with your town, and there will be plenty of sites with help. Or the next time you go to a major grocery store or drugstore, take a look around by the checkout area, or ask.

  11. Hey I am staying overnight in your town and saw that really old bell in a tower down in the historic/French area. Do something on that as it looked really interesting.