Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Hometown Screw Up

Okay.  I knew this day would come.  Not that it makes me feel better.  But I have nothing today.  Not even a good story about why I'm a scratch today.  And Lindsey Vonn can ski for a gold medal on the toughest downhill course ever when she can hardly walk! 

I also missed Zebra Thursday (which is Nan's rather focused invention).  Of course, I've only made Zebra Thursday once and I posted it on Wednesday.  But this Thursday, I was busy ringing bells for Barry. 

So I'll try and warp time a bit and post Zebra Thursday today (Friday...I think).


  1. Excellent Zebra!
    me too I'm a scratch for the Shootout - lacking inspiration today.

  2. our love for you is unconditional!
    I bet this will eat at you all day
    by 5 your time tonight (Friday) you will post
    one photo with a short story worth publishing in a major magazine - and if by a fluc you don't
    we don't love you only for your good times but
    our love is unconditional.....

  3. It comes to us all, sooner or later. Just don 't feel b ad about it - you've more than redeemed yourself already!

  4. Cute little zebra photo you have there. My, you missed your first Friday shootout. Don't become me. I missed one, then two, then....But I do enjoy catching up with everyone when I can.

    I did not miss ringing the bell for Barry - some things are so important that nothing can come between you and your mission. It is nice to know that so many came together yesterday for a common purpose.

    Have a great weekend, boys.

  5. Zebra Thursday is hilarious. I'm glad you were able to post for that! Adorable little zebra-boy you have there! Does he have enough toys?

    The town plaza theme was tough for a lot of us North Americans; our towns aren't built around such things it seems.

  6. As an unreliable weekly blogger, I was already impressed that you had something up every day - and good stuff too! I think your public will forgive you this, Mark.

  7. It's difficult when you don't have anything to report. But you have a way of making "nothing" a great read!

  8. Oh, that picture is beautiful. We all have times like this blogging, it happens to us all. By the way, my trapeze lesson fiasco is on my other blog. I have begun trapeze lessons. Lets just say, I didnt know what i was letting myself in for! Have a good week!