Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Measureable Snow in Charleston in over 10 years

Yes, after feeling so superior this all the heavy snow around the Country.  We actually got two inches in Charlston last night.  In fact, I heard on National Public Radio that Google Earth was trying to get pictures to show it was the first time ever that there was some snow in all 50 States.  They knew there was snow in the 49...but were trying to see if there was any snow in a shadowed spot on some mountain in Hawaii...

Anyhow, Conner got see snow for the first time. 

And he got to see a snowman -- our neighbors made it last night

Not the prettiest snowman in the world.

BUTLER: "I think it looks just like Bagman."

Bagman hits Butler with a snowball.

Conner looks three-years-old here
He actually just started walking last week.


  1. It appears that we just missed that storm. Came the day we left! I looked for you along the windy streets, but have a picture of evidence of both Butler and Bagman which I hope to post when I return.

  2. Great pictures. Seeing a child's face when they experience something new is just priceless. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. Snow can be magical for children.

    It can be magical for adults too--until you have to shovel it.

  4. We had heavy snow last week here in Northern Japan. The snowman looks old LOL

  5. I am amazed at this weather of yours. Hard to believe that it's doing that by you and we haven't had a real snow all winter in western Oregon. Winter Olympics could have been held in the southeast this year!

  6. A love blanket of snow, just in time for Cupid's Arrows.

  7. Odd weather everywhere this year...enjoyed seeing your pictures of the fish!

  8. I was dropping in to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and look what I found? Snow! What a surprise. I really did not want to see any more snow but you did make it fun.

    Dorothea says Happy Valentine's Day to Bagman.

  9. well, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...looks like winter finally made it down south...


  10. Conner is some kind of cute!!
    Both my boys and their wives were in Charelston for the weekend. They drove up Friday evening in the snow and stayed until last night. They loved it and they had a nice Valentine's weekend together. They got some great pictures too.

    As for Me? I was home watching the GRANDS and the dogs all weekend. Very romantic :)

  11. Conner is adorable...!

    Please send some snow our way. We are in the middle of the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, and the magnolias are blooming. *sigh*

  12. Great for Conner of course, but haven't we had enough of snow this year (except in Vancouver of course)? :-)

  13. For someone who has only seen snow falling once in her long life, I think I'd be as star struck as Connor.