Thursday, February 4, 2010

Friday Hometown Shootout - Circles

All week I've been singing, "For every thing, turn turn turn, there is a season, turn turn turn..."

When I started thinking about circles last weekend, I thought it might be difficult.  Silly me.  The difficulty has been trying to pick and choose.  It seems I have been subconsciously shooting circles all my life. 

BAGMAN:  "They're very female, you know!"

BUTLER:  "Shut up! He's got too many pictures to waste time in babble."

Of course, Butler is right on this one and I don't think I can create some sort of interesting story line.  And I'm running out of time as always.  So I'll just throw it together.   Ready, Set, Go...

BUTLER: "You realize that this looks like you took it with a Brownie."

Yes, I know it is out of focus.  I was in the car, scrambling to get the camera out of the bag, shooting with one hand through the windshield while accelerating.  

I'll start with a batch of old ones.  This post is actually quite discouraging to me because my old shots are all better, in my opinion than my new ones.  I don't seem to be improving with age like I expected.

I don't have a clue what this was...

Nature's own wind-direction meter

Got milk?

This was a pot in my sink in college...I think I was stoned when I shot it.

This hang in our bedroom -- a detail from a locomotive exhibit
in back of a conference center, where Karen and I met
Back when I first started digital and I thought 2 megapixels was great.
AND now for some new stuff, since I can't rely on archives forever.

Okay, okay, photographically dull but I wanted to add it to challenge all of you.  Do you know why manhole covers are always circular?   I'm guessing some of you know so I'll wait until after comments and reveal the answer Sunday or Monday.  Boooo.

In the basement of Drayton Hall Plantation in Charleston

Our local television station.  Whatever happened to rabbit ears?

Local swimming pool waiting for summer
(which in Charleston is expected any day now)

We'll have to re-inflate this when it comes.

Ho hum.  Whatever happened to my ability to take photographs?
(But it's a circle!)

Maybe photoshop can compensate for mediocre photographs.
(And maybe not)

I do kind of like this one.
(Of course I've posted it before, but I couldn't resist)
(And it's not that old)

Knock knock.  Who's there?  

Tire.  Tire Who?  Tired of circles.

Underexposed and hurriedly shot, but I wanted to add this because there are Sweetgrass Baskets which are really one of Charleston's unique attractions.  From the earliest days, as we all know with great guilt, were imported to the Carribean and then to Charleston to maintain the sugar, tea, and cotton industries.  From the Caribean, they brought with them the Gulluh culture which thrives today.  It has its own dialect and one of the most beautiful crafts are the sweetgrass baskets.  Route 17 in Mount Pleasant where I live is lined with rough shacks out of which they sell these handmade creations.  I've been meaning to stop and shoot some of the ladies, sitting in front weaving these things but I've been strangely shy about stopping and asking them to pose.  One of these days...   But recently the entire stretch of road has been named a National Heritage Corridor, whatever that means.   One of these days when it is warmer and I am braver, I want to sit down and do a story on these ladies. 

Okay.  It's time to stop now.

BUTLER: "And what's your excuse for the fact this one is out of focus too when you had all the time in the world to shoot it?

I don't have an answer for that.   


  1. Oh yes - please do! When I was in Charleston 16 years ago, I was fascinated with the baskets. They were pricey even then, so I only bought one exquisite one with a separate top. But it is still a prized possession.

  2. As always a great bunch of pictures, and commentary too. Summer any day now !!! haha, up here we've got a few months to go yet. Some unique circles, I love 'nature's own wind-direction meter'. And the pot (in the sink!) is quite surreal.
    Have a good weekend

  3. Love the lady blowing bubbles. Did you know the lady? You always have great pictures. Good job.

  4. Cuz they can't fall in? The manhole covers? But I'm getting ahead of myself: first of all that thing you did with your head on the banner...freaky!! I'm afraid of what you'll do to yourself for next week's theme, aquariums. Sweetgrass baskets are gorgeous things and I do hope you post more about them. Your pictures are all great; I like the locomotive detail, the lines in the sand, the doorknobs, and of course the bubbles. Thanks Mark.

  5. That "I don't know what it is" is it a plastic ball, made like some sort of origamy? When I was a teenager, things like that come and go.

    You cut out circles of fairly stiff plastic, fold them 4 times, and stitch the ends together. Soon you get a globe. Gee, it's been so long ago, and you brought it out of the abyss of my brain.

    The casino lookalike entrance, is not a casino. It is the engtrance to what they call themselves Infinity. Located at the Gold Coast in Surface paradise. It is family friendly and I paied Sam to go in. It is mirrors, darkness of a dark hole, lasers. It is a huge mace pretending to be a journey into space.

  6. I have to say 'Round' head, you did very well on your thinking about what to do, but the bubbles I think is going to be original, through and through...

  7. I thought Roundheads were Puritans or Presbyterians. Something is not fitting somewhere! I really like the locomotive shot. It looks like the propellor from one of those little old planes. And the bubbles - I know what they are! Enjoyed that post, thanks.

  8. Always fantastic Mark ...really liked the milk with the shadow.

  9. I'm with Kerry on why manhole covers are round, and I adore the bubble picture.

  10. Will you be suing that plastic surgeon, Mark? The woman with the bubbles is fantastic.

  11. I laughed all the way through this. Love your humour, Mark.

  12. I don't know why you say your current photos are as good as your old one - first the archived ones are the best of that period, and now I have seen some great new shots on this blog..... or was that humor that i missed?
    My fav - the drayton Hall basement in sepia. I would hang that on my wall - don't know if I would buy it ???
    I also shot manhole covers but thought mine too boring to post.... will look forward to your answer on Monday.

  13. I love that bubbles shot, a wonderful shot!

  14. This is an amazingly rich and varied post Mark--and I love what you've done with your header!

    I think my favorite was the little plane encased in ice.

    And I don't have a clue why manhole covers are round.

  15. I now have Don Ho in my head. Tiny Bubbles. Thanks for the post

  16. Why do I always laugh when I come to your blog? That round head had me rolling. Pun intended. Haha.

    Oh, and all this week I've been singing: Circle in the sand, round and round, never ending love is what we've found and you complete the heart of me, our love is all we need, circle in the sand.....

    Now on with the critiquing of your photos. Excellent! My fave is the lady blowing bubbles and the swimming pool and the photo shopped piece. Wonderful selection and variety.

  17. Put your head back to normal!!! I love the baskets and the bubbles and manhole and.. this week is so much fun.

  18. fantastic post once again! love the lady blowing bubbles and the one that you didn't have a clue about. great job!!

  19. Your post was funny and entertaining. I also loved your pictures, especially the woman blowing bubbles--you are never too old to blow bubbles!

  20. Ta-da!! You've done it again - made me laugh. Love the stoned pot - pardon the pun....

  21. I adore your posts, always fun to read and great photography! Even the boat rope!

  22. I think manhole covers are always round because the holes they cover are always circular in shape.