Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Attach of the Cute Saying Poems

So I was just sitting there, feeling blah and working up a case of feeling sorry for myself, when I remembered something I had heard in A.A. about sitting on the pity pot…and the rhyme and meter hit me despite myself:

Pit pot, pity pot, sitting on the pity pot,

moaning all about my lot,

all the things that I have not,

sitting on my pity pot.

All of a sudden, my foot was tapping and despite my desperate attempt to cling to my depressing writer’s block thing, a question forced itself into my resisting brain – “What other cute sayings might…?” And a second one slipped by my torpor:

Frying pan, frying pan, jumping from the frying pan

Getting away, however I can,

but into the fire instead I ran,

jumping from the frying pan.

Oh my God! I saw myself caught in an avalanche of unwanted possibilities…

Can of worms, can of worms, prying open the can of worms

hard to find some ground that’s firm

when all my memories make me squirm,

opening up my can of worms.


Old dead horse, old dead horse, why do I beat the old dead horse?

Screaming ‘til my voice gets hoarse

I should get off and walk, of course,

but still I beat the old dead horse.

and then the first lines started coming faster than I could write the following rhymes…

House of glass, house of glass, throwing rocks at a house of glass…

Golden rule, golden rule, trying to break the golden rule…

Sticks and stones, sticks and stones, breaking my bones with sticks and stones…

Bird in hand, bird in hand, one in the bush but a bird in the hand…

Iron’s hot, iron’s hot, I need to strike while the iron’s hot…

Penny saved, penny saved, same as earned the penny saved…

Someone’s shoes, someone’s shoes, walking a mile in someone’s shoes….

Stitch in time, stitch in time, saving nine with a stitch in time…

It could go on forever! So I’ll just throw the game out there and let y’all have some fun too.

Shines the sun, shines the sun, making hay while shines the sun

Start it now and git ‘er done

when it gets dark, it’s not so fun

so make your hay while shines the sun…

In the words of Michelle, “GAAAAA!”


  1. Why can't you spell "Attack" correctly? But if you are going to have a typo, you might as well put it right up in the title.

  2. It's ARGGHHHHH BB....gosh.

    Now I am tapping away

    Typing hands typing hands
    making comments fast as I can
    with these wobbly typing hands

    oh dear

    save meeeeee


  3. No no don't edit it ...I like the new spelling for attack ....and the pity pot poem wahahahahawwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  4. Oh gosh what a way to start my morning... I am just not clever enough to think of these on my own - but am enough to have full appreciation.... wishing for the past is useless use of energy - I still manage to do it often - need to make a new past - have a great day.

  5. Your blog manages to make me smile each and every morning. I look forward to reading your daily adventures while I drink my morning coffee. Thanks so much.

  6. Diddle Diddle Dumpling my son John
    Wondered just where Butler'd gone wrong,
    But he was laughing too hard
    To sing his song.

    Butler: What does that mean?
    Barry: I don't know. I just came to me.
    Butler: Well I don't understand it.
    Barry: Maybe that's the point.
    Butler: Some of the people who leave comments here are even stranger than Bagman.

  7. Hey, Barry! Thanks for sharing your conversation with Butler. Bagman and I were looking for him and relieved to know he is in Ontario.

  8. Early bird, early bird, catchin' the worm
    holding on and watching him squirm
    you think it means to get something done
    but really it's just about eating one.

  9. Butler and Bagman,

    You've given me something to smile about this morning as I take a moment away from the chaos that signals a challenging workday.



  10. You've made me laugh first thing in the morning, even before caffeine. Now if I can just not think about silly rhymes as I sit down to write. . .

  11. Butlers gone away you say?
    Bagman needs a holiday.
    Come on Bagman, steal that car,
    You and Dorothea will go far.

    Ksthe gdy gfipr!

  12. Thanks for getting my day started with a laugh! Can always use those! Only problem is you're inspiring me to to play with rhymes and that can only lead to disaster!

  13. Thank you for the giggle. You are completely insane, did you know that!? And far too creative for me. I could never come up with something like that. :-)

  14. The Armadillo is not a good pillow.
    That armor stuff just will not fluff.

    There once was an inch worm named Jake,
    Who thought he was a terrible snake.
    While inchin' and bobbin',
    He cornered a Robin
    And that was a fatal mistake.

    A fly can fly
    But, is never a braggot
    Because he knows
    He was born a maggot.

    I enjoyed yours!
    Hope you enjoyed mine.

    May the force be with you. Gordon

  15. I sit on the pot all of the time......
    Wait!! That didn't come out quite right now did it?
    Prince laughed at this post like I did :)
    We all think you are schizophrenic (sp??0 you do know that right? That's okay was Hemmingway my darlin......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl