Thursday, April 23, 2009

The "If I Had a Day to Live" Song

Something new today! I've decided to sing you all a song.

When I was 16, I taught myself to play guitar primarily to impress girls. I never got very good at it. Playing the guitar. Or impressing girls for that matter. I learned some basic chords and strums. Off and on, I've picked up the guitar...and later the banjo...for fun. I've been off for a couple of years now and when I think taking one of these instruments out of the closet, I realize that I'd have to put on new strings and so I leave them there. But someday.

Anyway, I did write a song. Only one. I wrote it when I was 16. And, of course, it was a song about death. Typical 16-year-old. But it was a bright and funny song about death. It seems weird and a little macabre to sing it now but after I thought about it, it is really more about Carpe Diem, so it still fits philosophically with me. Actually, all the best ideas I ever had, I had before I was 21. Everything since has just been elaborations on the original teenage Eureka moments.

One thing before I embarass myself before you. At 16, I was proud of this song because it included a small break...a little 5 note fingering...da deet deet deet deet. I thought I was cool. Well, since I'm two years rusty and my guitar is currently out of tune and needing strings, you will have to deal with my air guitar rendition.

So, without further ado, please give a warm blogspot welcome to Mark and his famous rendition of his hit song, "If I had a day to live."

Yes, I know I screwed up the last verse and repeated it. I was going to edit it out but, what the is what it is.


  1. My 18 year old hahaha ....was behind me in the kitchen, we are cooking ....and he listened without a word and said ..."Mum random song...very random. Someone you know?" hahaha ...

    Monkeys sound like they got it right ...I'm not very monkeylike at all!

    The air guitar was amazing ....

    We couldn't call you shy could we??


  2. you are hilarious. this was so cool.

  3. I'm holding up one of those great big grill lighter's over my head like I used to do at a Rolling Stones concert dude.
    This is totally awesome.....radical even.
    The air guitar is priceless. I'm calling Simon Cowell at American Idol. He can make you a "Pop Idol" you know. You can thank me later. Chocolates will suffice.........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. hahaha i love it. the air guitar was awesome and the scat-ting was great too. you should put up a transcript of the lyrics so we can all learn it and turn you into a pop idol and you can be famous and on the radio. Bagman would love it!

  5. I'll post the lyrics on one of my writers block days...good idea. Thanks.

  6. Awesome, Amazing and Amusing!
    I give this song and performace 3 A+'s!
    Nicely done!!!

  7. you could put a copy of this video on the side bar / with lyrics and when we need a lift we could play it and sing along.

  8. Well, I must say I am (speechless) wordless. Very courageous of you and the fact that you remember every word...what can I say? I didn't know that death could be so sunny and funny. I guess I take life way too seriously. I wrote a song when I was 14, but there is no way I would ever sing it, even if I could remember all of the words. I wrote it on an old piano that was being stored in our garage.

  9. This was great and you are such a hoot! I love it! Thanks for starting my day off in a most delightful and upbeat way!

  10. Well Done Mark! This brought a smile to my face, and I think you should enter it as the song for American Idol winner to sing at the end of the season!

  11. Applause! Applause! Well done. Would love to hear a guitar accompanied version one day.

  12. The three of us come out from the curtains to center stage and bow deeply. Thank you, thank you.

  13. You are a funny boy BB.....and very brave too!

  14. Hi Mark

    I am only addressing you today because for once you were flying solo - and that was particularly brave...

    9.99/10 for lyrics
    9.99/10 for melody
    9.99/10 for performance
    9.99/10 for musicality
    but 10/10 for originality
    and 11/10 for fearlessness


  15. I know you were practicing after you told me you were gonna do this on your blog. Can I suggest you do a country version, then a rap version and then a...

  16. You know what? I think this may be one of those tunes that plays over and over in the listeners head....