Saturday, April 4, 2009

We're having fun now

Reinforcement arrived. I got back in my comfort zone -- behind the camera. -- and typical family vacation snapshots ensued:

Thomas does his usual crazy stuff with his aunt-in-law

Karen's sister with Conner

Preparing spaghetti dinner...You can see who is in charge...the pointing finger of organized thought in the midst of chaos.

Hey! My mom and dad are back and they are hugging each other.

Oops...cover Conner's eyes! Getting steamy. Bagman took the last one.

A final note -- I need to be careful because I did a prescheduled post before I left and not sure when it will show up.

BAGMA N: I did one too!!!! Muaah ha ha ha!!

BUTLER: I'm going to check it out early.

BAGMAN: Don't mess with it!

BUTLER: We'll see after I read it!


  1. Wait, is Thomas pointing something sharp in his aunt-in-law's face? LOL.

  2. Looks everyone is having fun. Bur where is the beach?

    I love that last shot. Done by a true professional!

  3. Great shots...
    haha, what a typical Thomas !
    Glad you're all having fun :)

  4. Looks as though everyone is having a great time and that's what vacations are all about! Enjoy!

  5. Aww, I love family photos. Everyone looks relaxed and he grandbaby s the sweetest boy!!! Enjoy!!!!

  6. The centre of attention, as he deserves to be! Such a lovely little maestro.

  7. So glad that you are having such a great family time B&B. Great snaps.....of course.....I can't decide who the better photographer is, you or Bagman.
    So, the Rottwiler licked his way right out of a ticket huh? Well's the least Mr. Policeman could do as he had just had a jab.

    I dedicate the following song to Bagman....

    "I'm sleeping and right in the middle of a good dream, all at once I wake up to something that keeps pounding in my brain. Before I go insane I hold my pillow to head and sit up in my bed and say these words I dread......I THINK I LOVE YOU, so what am I so afraid of???" David Cassidy circa I'm not saying because it makes me feel too old :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. I need beach pictures. Preferably with me Photoshopped onto it.

    Hope you are having a great trip! What's the weather like?

  9. Hey there B&B. Thought I'd pop by to say hello. Liked your comment on my post. Looks like you're having fun. Will pop back to see some more x

  10. Dearest Butler and Bagman,

    Call me whatever you wanna call me, even the worst name you could think of. But pls answer me because I'm confused.. Who is Butler and who is Bagman?

    Such a happy family you got there.. Lovely baby too. Nice to know you had a lovely vacation..

    I always like reading your post. I am really enjoying it. But pls tell me "Who is Butler and who is Bagman?"

  11. Love love the family shots. Please also do ..
    where you are shots for people like me who have no clue.