Wednesday, April 15, 2009



I picked these flowers

to place at your feet

in penance for my lewd

self-centered thoughts,

which brings no solace

to the flowers


under your toes,

never knowing why

they’re suddenly incomplete.


  1. I'm sorry Mark, I didn't know we had to buy flowers every time we had lewd thoughts and lay them at the feet of our beloved.

    Geez, I better check my bank account. And consult with my financial adviser!

    This could lead to bankruptcy!

  2. Nice one, the first 4 lines is the most beautiful part of the poem for me, for some reason!

  3. You're right, Barry...this is probably the secret reason for the entire collapse of the world's economy.

  4. it is nice to wake to poetry
    arn't lewd thought free it is the action that costs you!

  5. You and Barry had better behave. We are going to have to split you two up.

  6. Oh my, oh dear, flowers?? We should all be so lucky!

  7. I like it, but really no need to get out the hair shirts just yet!

  8. Flowers speak to you in ways that you can hear them. If we can become more like flowers, beautiful, fragrant, and willing to give up our lives in the service of love, won't the world be a more wonderful place?

  9. Are those flower's secretly for me dude? You know, I can't resist a man who sends me flowers AND has lewd self-centered thoughts.......
    Barry, that was a hilarious comment.
    Butler, please tell Bagman I'm still looking for that egg he left somewhere around here.
    You're a darlin know that? Of not, please let me be the first to tell you.....
    You're just D~A~R~L~I~N :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Just to let you know, I've given you a Lemonade Award!

    You are not under any obligation to follow the "rules". See my blog for details.

    Thank you for a blog that displays attitude in the best sense of the word!


  11. I THOUGHT I smelled flowers over here. That was a lovely poem, especially the ending. I have wondered before how nice it is to give and receive flowers, but kind of crappy that to do so, we must take from the flower that which cannot always be replaced. Oops, I didn't mean to wax all poetic over you. But you started it.

  12. You know, everytime I think of flowers I think of decapitation and my love for my husband. Oh wait... that didn't sound right.

  13. Great words, my friend, and you always manage to make me giggle even when I hadn't planned to. Maybe it was some of the other comments that added to the enjoyment!