Saturday, April 18, 2009

A couple of night shots and Photoshop play

For some reason, I'm out of words. Probably a good thing because it gave me a chance to sort through some raw stuff from Hilton Head...delete some...and a couple of night shots grabbed me. And one couldn't help but play you get three versions of it.

Shelter Cove
and below a nearby bridge
Through which aliens began coming through the walkway

Until they took over completely

And I was glad to get back home and sit on the back porch thinking about the difference between my ungreen thumb and Karen's green one, thankful for hers.


  1. A pause without words can be very good for the soul.

    I love the shots ....

  2. Im always facinated by night shots.. and I've never had a photo as good as these.. haha!


  3. I have not taken many night shots and maybe on MY trip to H.H. at the end of the month I will have time to play with the camera. I do enjoy playing with photos and getting different effects.

  4. B&B...spectacular shots! Love the porch shot! Pass the lemonade!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Beautiful porch shot. Reminds me of an old house of ours which I still miss. Try not to think about it too often. Sniff...

    BTW, Fhina has pre-empted your post of tomorrow (have you ever blogged about something you dared not?), so I shall lokk forward to that...

  6. Gorgeous back porch! I am envious. No plants on my deck yet, still too cold.

  7. Love the first two night shots. Did you have to manipulate the exposure in Photoshop or are you that good? I usually end up having to tweak the night shots, although I'm going to try bumping up the ISO the next time I shoot in the evening.

  8. Love all your shots! And I do love your back porch! Such lovely plants! Have a great weekend!

  9. I desperately want to rest my toes for a time on that welcoming porch, Sirs...

    Very wonderful photos, B&B - I love the 'Tron'-like manipulations.

  10. I would love to sit on that front porch and watch Charleston pass by with an ice cold Coca~Cola. I love the beautiful plants.
    You may be out of words Mark, but these these snaphots speak volumes........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  11. Great shots!! I am still trying to learn PhotoShop. Driving me crazy. And my hubby just bought me a new DSLR, which I now have to learn to use properly, so that I can then learn to use PhotoShop properly.

    Loved the night shot of the boats.

  12. The differences in the bridge shot are wonderful, I very much like the middle one with the bit of blue light. great.

  13. Hello to all the gang in your head, and to you. You did a great job, but I am sure Bagman worked on the last two shots. Reminds me of the sixties! I've been in those two photos. Whoo hoo!

    Very nice night shot, my friend.

  14. Cool - that's an elegant walkway and, really, what walkway WOULDN'T want some aliens wandering through it? As a Brit kid, I grew up watching Dr Who from behind the couch... and no self-respecting corridor back then didn't imagine itself withoug Daleks rolling down it