Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation Photos by popular request

So I'm back from a week at Hilton Head Island, NC -- an upscale town mostly consisting of time share and vacation share condos and golf courses. I could say that it was a great vacation, and of course, it was...when I let myself go with the flow and a be part of it. But I tend to be a vacation grinch. It is all about attitude and I, as usual have two conflicting attitudes going on -- not really a Bagman / Butler split -- a different, related kind of schizophrenia. Perhaps if I had to name the two characters I carried in my brain to Hilton Head I would call one of them Granddaddy Fan Man and Wolf. Granddaddy Fan Man had a ball carrying Conner around and showing him pictures and shapes -- Conner loves ceiling fans (hence the name). Wolf, on the other hand, sits in the corner and waits furtively, with a low growl, wanting to dig under the fence and run alone, exploring without distractions. Wolf's ideal vacation would be to take the camera, a laptop, and drive to unexplored places alone. Granddaddy Fan Man's vacation was exactly what happened. So the bottom line is that we all had a wonderful time, including me, despite the fact that I whined a lot. If any of that makes any sense.

BUTLER: Be quiet, Mark, and show the pictures.

BAGMAN: Ho hum...

We set up the tripod and took pictures of ourselves to put in a frame someday with all the other smiling posed shots adorning our livingroom.

Brian put Melody's hairbrush in his hair.

He and Melody built a sand castle.

And looked out from behind it, Brian making the smile he makes when he'd rather not be posing either.

Melody got her tongue pierced for her birthday the day before we went to Hilton Head which made it a bit hard for her to eat her birthday cake for a couple of days.

Brian got a hickey - (hmm...must have been before the tongue piercing is my guess.)

And nothing stopped her from continuing to kiss him a lot

Conner was the center of attention.

And worked on lifting his head up, preparing for his next task of rolling over, although he never quite accomplished that...yet.

Although his Aunt Kathy cheered him on with a look of absolute adoration.
And his grandmother took him for lots of long walks which caused him to gurgle and coo 75% of the time and scream bloody murder 25% of the time.

He learned about swimming pools which didn't seem to impress him much.

Karen laid out...she is smiling and looks relaxed but she is thinking, "Where's Conner...I want to go back and pick up Conner!

Meanwhile, Mark, inspired by Bagman was off trying to impress one of the locals but met only with steely silence.

Happy grandma, happy grandson

And then, the night before we left, Wolf did slip out and wandered about the night experimenting, mostly unsuccessfully with time exposures...trying to feel adventurous but mostly collecting blurry, poorly exposed pictures...although I'll attach one below.

BAGMAN: Who the hell are these new charactors, Grandaddy Whatshisname and Wolfman? Don't you like me and Butler anymore?

BUTLER: Didn't you read what he wrote? It's just a different dichotomy.

Yes. And they are not going to be permanent parts of the menagerie in my head. It's just like a kind of emotional matrix. Granddaddy Fan Man is part Bagman when he goo goos and ga gas and part Butler when he mixes bottles of formula. Same with Wolf, who is part Bagman when he struts past co-eds with his tripod over his shoulder pretending to be Matthew Brady and part Butler when he is calculating exposure times.

BUTLER: See, Bags! He's doing a good job of understanding all the simultaneously conflicting parts of his psychology!

BAGMAN: Ptui! He just thinks too much.


  1. B&B...thank you so much for this glimpse of your vacation. It looks as though good memories were made!

  2. Looks like great time was had by all - no, doesn't look like: it's obvious. Very good to see!

  3. they are great photos- real family time- love the one of Gran and the bub- priceless xx

  4. Dude.....your snaps are fantastic.....the loving couple making sandcastles and leaning in for a lil smoochy was great. That Connor is going to be a ladie's man, no? How handsome is he??? Granddaddy Fan Man......that's so sweet B&B. Look at your soft side showing :)
    That photo of the lit building with the night sky is wonderful. Those clouds look as though they are right atop the building.
    Love, love, love the close-up of the tongue rign and hickey.......are you sure that's a hairbrush in son-dude's hair???
    I'm just sayin........
    I hope that you're going to share more vacation picy's with us soon and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. B&B,

    Looks like it was an enjoyable time for all. I've never been to Hilton Head and I keep saying that I would like to go there but other destinations always seem to have priority.

    Welcome back!


  6. Where are your golf clubs? I don't see any golf clubs. People go to Hilton Head to play golf.

  7. uh oh, sounds like B&B (or Ego and id if you will) are being absorbed by your other multiple personalities!

  8. Yes, my head is a true mishmash of personalities...and none of them play golf.

  9. Next vacation, some to Crisfield. Not one golf course in this town. We do have a MacDonald's for your morning coffee.

  10. Just wandered here by way of One Day at a Time. Looks like you have a hunk of a granbabe, and had a great vacation. Terrific pics. I'm still learning how to use the ol camera that was given to me. Next to learn how to down load (up Load)? my pics to my blog.

  11. is interesting how many personnas we can have based on what group of people we are with at the time... family vacations are great but often don't feed the soul (in my experience anyway) Don't see why far away, hidden places can't be explored one on one.

  12. forgot! the grandma/grandson photo needs a frame and a family place of honor.

  13. I love the picture of Grandmother and Grandbaby, that is so sweet! It sounds like such a wonderful time!

  14. I was going to respond to everyone, but ended up in MacDonalds.

  15. I agree with Bobbie Leigh- the pic of Grandmother with grandchild is priceless. What a beautiful baby! Glad to hear you made it home safely and thanks for sharing the glimpses into your life.

  16. Cool to be a part of an upscale town even for just a while!

    The hickey photo is funny LOL.

    And babies really bring the family together.

  17. That baby is still very cute! should find me on facebook....not that my facebook is used for any more than playing Wordscraper and for my kids to change my status to terrible things :)

  18. Loved the story and the photos, especially Grandma and the baby.

    Good to have you back!

  19. Looks like a fun time was had by all. And you added two new members of the family in your head. If this keeps up you may have to add an addition on. :)

  20. Awww...beautiful pictures.

    Looks like an awesome time was had by all :)