Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making Lemonade from Lemons Award

Sarah Lulu was kind enough to send me this...gratitude is an active verb...and I'm back from vacation and blogless for the moment. And a bit befuddled since I am supposed to pass this on to ten more people and several of the people I'd send it to already got it from Sarah.

To be honest, passing on awards has always made me nervous. Perhaps it is because, even done positively, gently, and with love, it requires a certain element of judgment. And while, if I know for a fact that someone really wants constructive criticism of a poem or photo, I can exercise my own judgment in suggesting improvements, I'd much rather exercise unconditional appreciation for everything people show of themselves.

If I list ten people...what of the 5 million people I don't list? Yes. Yes. I know! Don't complicate things so much. I can't help it. I really just want to present this to every blog I follow now and ones that I will discover later.

And maybe I am just being lazy. But I am also a bit overwhelmed since I have over 150 photos from my vacation to cull through, delete 100 if I can and find a few to Photoshop and make good enough to post or frame. Plus several of you commented on the cactus in my office and there is a good blog behind it that I would like to write.

So -- although this is the easy way out -- I pass this award on with love to everyone who wants it. And I'd really love, instead of posting it, to deliver it in person to your door accompanied with a box of chocolates...except perhaps to Barry, to whom I would deliver it with some chocolate mousse.



  1. Welcome Back! Can't wait to see your photos!

  2. Do I get cookies with my lemonade?

  3. You're just saying that so you can have Bagman bring it to my house right? That way it looks like there's so partiality and all.....
    You know B&B.....I never post awards or give them out. It's just that, well, I'm trying to mainly focus on a little fundraising effort for my local Humane-Society by getting folks to click on the Daily Puppy. I always reply to issued awards in pretty much the same manner that you did. I always make sure to thank anyone so very much, but that's not why I'm here though the kindness of the award is not lost on me. Like you, I don't want to single out anyone because I feel that I would be leaving someone else out. I've just kind of chosen to be an award free blog. Does that make sense?
    And while doing this blogging...
    I can very honestly say that I've met some of the nicest, most caring people in the world. Can you imagine Mark, that we all just started typing and posting our thoughts and have made such good friends with folks from Canada, Brasil, China, Japan, Manila and all over the continental U.S. Something happens in one of our lives and everyone rallies around us engulfing us with love and concern.....pretty awesome, no? I've also found blogging to be very therapeutic and healing.
    I'm looking forward to your holiday (as Prince would say in his very English accent) shots and I can't wait for the post on the cactus.
    May I make a request? I'd love to see picture's of that beautiful grandbaby as he grows.
    We're all glad you're back.......both of you :)
    Hope the bunny dude is good to you and yours and have a very blessed Easter my friend.
    (Call me dude..........seriously......)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. I'm also looking forward to your holiday shots ...
    I don't think I know where you went at all.

    And marvelous ...hand out the award to everyone. I DID dither around when I got it ..and then just tried to do what I was told hahahaha will appreciate that was not always the case with me better than most!

    I've been listening for you at the door ..with chocolate.

  5. As long as it's mousse, not mouse, you'd be more than welcomed.

    Of course if it was a chocolate moose, that would be even more awesome!

    Thanks for the plug Mark.

  6. I also had to pass on the award although I was very very flattered! These things just make it too much like Survivor or the Biggest Loser where you like everyone but have to pick and choose.

  7. Looking forward to seeing your photos. I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  8. Yay! New pictures. Isn't it fun to load them up and study them and cull them down to the prize-winning Survivor stage, sending the not so good attempts to the e-trash and deciding whether to print or just admire the ones you kept? It's so different from the old film days, at least for me. Once things were printed, my tendency was to keep everything, even the seriously flawed photos because the mere fact that they had achieved a life through printing seemed to give them a gravitas beyond their real worth. I'm so glad I overcame my resistance to digital cameras.

    Can't wait to see the surviving photos of your vacation.

  9. Have the same problem with awards -- as much as they are appreciated. I acknowledge them, of course and express my gratitude, but I've stopped passing them on. Can't wait to see your vacation shots. Sounds as though a good time was had by all.

  10. Thanks for the box of chocolates LOL. I say passing awards to people is really appreciative and whoever thought of that I wish God bless her/him.

  11. about white chocolate truffles? Oh yeah, I can hear my door bell ringing already! :o) Welcome back - you've been missed. And thanks for the award! Happy Easter!

  12. That is the way to do it. Wheter our methods differ, or not, we all have made something out of nothing. You are the genious to realizing this. Thanks for welcoming me back, and sorry I've been gone.