Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Open Photo Shoot Out

Father and Son (Or Son and Grandson) depending on whose wall this will hang on. I've still got to match the colors a bit and cut the mattes so I can put these side by side in the same frame. Brian is on the left, Connor is on the right. Why was I not surprised that Karen has been saving Brian's first quilt and some of his first baby clothes all these years? Anyhow I know I'll have to do more than one double frame of for Brian and Melody, one for Karen (maybe two since she wants one for work)...

Speaking of related portrait images, below are brothers, Barclay and Will, sons of a close friend. (Karen's best friend since kindergarten actually). Karen found a matched set of frames in an antique store (one is shown)...made these a Christmas present which succeeded in eliciting tears which is usually the sign of a good Christmas gift.

To anticipate the "How do you do that?" question -- it was really a simple job to do shoot their profiles against a plain background ( used a blue sky for these), use photoshop or similar program to cut out the head shape, fill it with black, paste it back on another background -- in this case I used blurred shadows from a rotating ceiling fan. Doesn't everyone go around taking pictures of the shadows of their ceiling fans?

I should probably stop here and keep this themed as portraiture...but I didn't and there are no rules and what the heck and I need to finish this and go to work, darn it. Son onto just some miscellaneous stuff I uploaded earlier for no explainable reason.

Something old -- From my project of scanning old slides and negatives comes this antique piece from 1974...dirt specks, scratches, chemical decomposition on the slide from being stored in various sheds...University of Wisconsin college art projects. When I was there working with a professor of nursing on a textbook -- one of my past lives (developmental book editor) -- At one point there had been Liberty's Head but the night before I arrived a competing fraternity or art student had burned it down. I wish I had been there to shoot the fire -- Flaming Liberty Head on ice at night?

Next is a shot in Bluffton near Beaufort, SC toward dusk.

Below...heck...Why am I acting like a tour guide and suddenly feeling like I need to write long introductions about each picture? Sometimes I think my fingers are just addicted to typing. Like I would die if my fingers didn't get to click on a keyboard incessantly. Like the old horror movie about the disembodied hands . Or am I thinking of the Munsters?

Oh, I should mention that after all last week's brouhaha about Butler's inability to take photos by himself, Butlet and I did find one image in the camera he gave us he seems to have taken at least one so I should post it below:

And so endeth the unthemed Friday shootout -- do not go gentle into that gray fog.

Does someone have a theme for next week?


  1. Oh blah! When I designed this thing on the dashboard, the photos at the top and text lined up better...what a mishmash! I should stick with centering everything.

  2. Blah a second time. Then I went back and tried to adjust sizes of pictures to make them fit side by side and ended up making it worse. I quit. It is what it is. I also need to set up links in the future to all the other Friday much to do, so little time.

  3. I don't think its BLAH!!! I think its awesome Mark. Of course the grandson is going to be a good looking sweet talker like the Butler :)
    Those portrait images are amazing and the boat on the water during sunset is simply beautiful.
    Bagmans snap is interesting........
    Patty and I are going to draw a shooter's name out of a hat to pick next Fridays subject and should be posting it soon.
    Have a great weekend and I enjoyed your shoot-out pics and the tourguide did a great job.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. I have always been a fan of mash. :D

  5. Oh that photo alignment thing happens to me ALL the time ..sometimes I have to move them around about ten times!

    Centering is easier ....

    I linked you both ...Butler and Bagman and Reggie Girl to my blog today ....well maybe that should be You all = y'all ..... said in a fake Australian so southern accent I'm below the equator ...

    I love the silhouette photos and now of course I want to do that immediately! ALWAYS obsessive that's me.

    The baby ....two babies OHHHHHH a Mum/Grandmother would so love that...I LOVE IT.

    I don't think I should comment on Bagman's fruit bowl ....I can't without blushing.

    Is that other man PAINTED on the wall?

  6. Well, I was secretly hoping for a photo of Butler's no. 2 pencils perfectly sharpened and aligned, but these will have to do.

    Actually the silhouette technique is awesome. Impressively creative. And I loved the pier reaching out into the mist.

    If this is mash, it's extremely good mash.

  7. I use Paint Shop Pro and all the techniques on the Internet are for PhotoShop! I am having more fun fiddling around with photos these days and thank you for your compliments, really encouraging. (So someone was going to make a pear puree for the little babe?)

  8. OK this is the scoop - it is better that Bagman stay as creative director behind the camera man... and I want a copy of that photo of the sunset to frame, signed would be good. you can send an 8X10 to Ginger Vanstaveren, Rua Prudente de Moraes 1378/303, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil 22420-043 - takes about 15 days to arrive but I will frame it and send you a photo of your photo on the wall of the apartment in RIO.

  9. Hi Mark
    the silhouette photos are very effective - something I will have to try.
    The cloned babies are gorgeous...

  10. I like the comparison of your son and grandson pictures. I should have saved some of my son's blanket and few baby clothes :-) and try it as what you did too when I'll have my grandson. The 2 silhouette portraits are pretty interesting kind of hard to try though. But I was laughing on your fruit bowl photo hahaha, that's funny, very creative.

  11. Wow, there is alot to take in today! You have to love it when we can see our children in our GRAND children. I've saved a few things of my boys but so far have only gotten the 2 GRAND~girls.

    Love the silhouettes but think it's to harded for me.

    I just LOVE wall paintings! I've got one on my Friday Shoot out today too.

    Sunshine and smiles!

  12. Tell Bagman Dorothea will give hm free camera lessons. She was looking forward to some of his photos.

    I think you did a super job on the little tot photos, and I love the silhouettes, along with the commentary. I did not know you were so creative.

    Being a water person, I love the water photos. And the dirt-specked photo is a classic. I think that should be our assignment one week.

    If all else fails, please give Bagman one of those throw-away cameras, and let him do his own assignment.

  13. Great photos - all of them!

    Has anyone ever told you that you are quite funny? :D

  14. Very interesting commentary. The writer came out in you. Thanks for the great photos. I tried to purchase something for Bagman this week. You can see it on my post. Thanks for your creativity. Gordon

  15. I like the shots of son and grandson, very cute! It's almost like Karen knew she'd have a grandson! Also love the shot of Bluffton, and tha mural.

  16. i love love love the portraits

  17. Yeah, remember that movie, The Hand? Peter Lorre: "It was the hand, I tell you!" sometimes I feel the same way. I must type because my hands demand it. Yeesh.

    I love the Carolina photo. Moving.

  18. Great shots! Cool one on the side of that brick building...and some naughty ones too.


  19. What a great quirky selection! Really like the pier and the engineer.

  20. Great pictures!!!! Love that little one, how cute!!!!

    I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  21. That father / son duo is great. What a cool idea. And how amazing for your wife for thinking ahead all these years.