Saturday, April 4, 2009

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here

I’ve arrived at Unit 118 and setup my camp in the far corner of the livingroom. There is an easy chair there where I can keep my back to the wall and store my computer and camera equipment.
I’ve been embedded with a unit in transition. Colonel Karen is in charge of logistics and supply. So far since yesterday’s arrival, I have been dispatched three times – to Grant’s Service Station to make sure the bipedal leg-powered transport vehicles have adequate air pressure, to Bilo for cucumbers and grits (hopefully not for the same mess), and again this morning to Bilo for toothbrushes and toothpaste which were apparently lost in transit.
Our first mission is to care for Conner until his parents manage to make camp later this afternoon. He’s been doing well so far, smiling a lot, and only cried four times through the night, at which times, Karen did a magnificent job of quickly pumping a little formula into him and getting him back to sleep. I had requested to be used only as backup so, of course, this morning at 0900 all the active troops went on a mission to shop for clothes and left me alone with him.
Conner and I have smiled and gooed and laughed frantically until he was having way too much fun for his 3-month old system and erupted into tears for five seconds and fell asleep. This has allowed me to get on the communications system and send out a quick dispatch.
If there is anyone out there…Help!!!
Oh oh…warning sirens are now going off. No. Not sirens. It’s Conner. Incoming! Incoming! I grab the bottle, the diapers, the pacifier, the blanket and race for the bunker to ensure his safety.
I don’t expect reinforcements to return from the shopping sortie for three more hours. But I’m a professional. I can do this!
But if there is anyone out there, I repeat: “Help!”
Signing off!


  1. Love to help, but we're off bably sitting our own 6 month old granddaughter this afternoon.

    Too bad.

  2. I think I'm too late to be of much help. If you are stressed Conner can probably pick up on it. Babies are supposed to cry. Check to make sure all is safe and let him cry. Strengthens the lungs.

  3. What is Bagman doing? Hanging out by the pool with "Barry sticky eyes."

  4. Well, having no grandchildren of my own I probably wouldn't be of much help, but I do remember when mine were little that a little crying isn't a problem as long as you check to on him as Peruby said. Hey, smile, doesn't it feel great to be needed! ha ha ha

  5. All went well, actually...I'm the one mostly who was whining. Left alone with him, I usually make him laugh...He loves ceiling fans so we go everywhere finding them and turning them on and off. I'm seeing if I can get him to call me Fan-man instead of far he calls me ghsrofgggs.

  6. Have been caretaking 3 year old niece so could not send additional requested troops, Sah, hope that evening recce is successful and that deliveries are received as anticipated - Hugs, dribbles, cuddles, nappies...

    Fan-man would be such a cool name for gramps!