Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am not blogging today!

I am not going to post a blog this morning!

First, I am not going to start out by looking to see if there are any new followers and, if there are, I am not going to visit their site, read at least two of their blog entries, and make comments.

Secondly, I am not going to start by looking at the blog I wrote yesterday to see if there are any new comments. In particular, I am not going to read them and try to figure out how to respond to them. And I am not going to go to all the sites of people who made comments, read at least two of their blog entries, and make comments about them.

Thirdly, I am not going to go to my dashboard and check out all the blogs that I follow that have posted entries in the last 23 hours, read those entries and make comments about them.

I don’t know whether this is number four, or simply a corollary to one, two, and three, but I am also not going to take the time to make the comments meaningful so the writers (who I am assuming always do, daily, the things I’m not going to do today) think I’m shallow in ingenuous because my comment is “Great blog!” for the 100th time.

Fifthly, I am not going to spend an hour trying to find phone numbers or email addresses for people who ask me why I haven’t called them.

BAGMAN: Yes we are! Yes we are! And it’s filthy, not fifthly, as in filthy fantasies!

BUTLER: Shut up! People will think we have a dirty mind!

BAGMAN: Shut up yourself! We do have a dirty mind! And proud of it!

BUTLER: Shut up yourself, yourself! We only have half a dirty mind! And we’re embarrassed by it!

BAGMAN: You don’t know (Blee…

I quickly turn off the computer before there is any chance that I will actually post a blog today! I sit quietly in the dark, trying to remember, first, what life was like before blogging. Secondly, whether it was Henry David Thoreau or somebody else who coined the phrase “living lives of quiet desperation.”

Boy, I’m glad I didn’t post a blog today! I’ve broken the cycle! I may become a wild and crazy guy and skip posting a blog tomorrow as well!

PS: At least I didn’t also add a couple of gratuitous unrelated photographs.


  1. Me either .....not going to check out my favourites ..make a comment the blogs of the people who just commented on mine ...
    I'm going to bed early....yes I am!
    It's 10pm on this side of Australia.
    I have to be up at 6am ...
    I won't be watching an American tv show called Life on Mars and blogging in the adv breaks I won't.
    Far far far too sensible....

  2. "Great blog." For the 100th time! LOL!
    Actually, this was VERY funny!Sounds NOTHING like the typical blogger!
    Oh hey....Reggie Girl just emailed me. She is wondering why you haven't called her yet!
    Looking forward to tomorrows "non" post!

  3. B&B........please do join us in the "Shoot-Out". Tomorrow we are posting pictures of people. Any person. Just a shanpshot that tells a story on it's own.....funny, thoughtful or sad. There's no link, we're just doing it on our blog. As interesting a person as you are you would add much to the project and I would love to see what you come up with so.....pretty please??
    You have a wonderful sense of humor and are a gifted writer. Look what you've made me've turned me into a softie for a minute (don't tell anyone okay?)!!!!!!!!

    I love that new self portrait that you've posted that the end of this post. Love, love, love the new hair color dude. Seriously.......

    Steady On
    Reggie girl

  4. And as you are not blogging today I will not post a comment.

  5. It's a good thing I'm not still checking comments and responding to them and saying thanks and all that stuff.

  6. Oh well, guess you miss my post and photos about how healthy it is to garden in the nude. I check back here next week to see if you are back to blogging.

  7. B7B...I'm not reading or commenting on your blog today. just sayin'

  8. As you see, I directed my comment to B7B, not B&B. It's not about you, at all :)

  9. Which of your alter egos will feel guilty because you are depriving your readers of the joy of your blog?

    All of mine have filthy minds and are proud of it. Need to get a t-shirt that says "All of my personalities are dirty old men."

  10. Great blog!! :)

    Don't know about Thoreau, but that might have been Pink Floyd.

  11. I did not read this post and I did not comment it--

  12. I woke up this morning to no internet!

    "Oh no, how will I check up on BB" was my first thought.....and then I cried into my coffee and read a book.....

    That is a lie...I was on the phone for 45 minutes finding out why I was not online.....we need a BA!

  13. So! You've been bitten by the dreaded bug called addiction. Recovery is nigh when you can leave posting for a week.
    June in Oz

  14. its not that my sundays are boring - but decided to do a slide show of photos for the year.... well I have not been stuck at your blog for an hour - reading your post that have nothing to do with FSOs - if I continue at this rate I will never post the slide show....