Sunday, March 22, 2009

Missing blogspot

I've fallen behind in reading blogs! My heart cries forlornly, realizing that I am missing, hour by hour, all the wonderful, funny, wise, phootgraphic, artistic, beautiful, personal stuff that the wonderful people I am following are writing. But I'm taking a brief semi-retreat from this latest addiction to check in on "life after blogspot". See if my wife will recognizes me. Stuff like that. Difficult, sometimes, to remember that there is a real world that I live in. So if you haven't seen my comments on your blogs, that's why. I'm aiming for a blog every 2nd or 3rd day this week.

BAGMAN: "Yeah yeah...and on alternating days you'll write blogs whining about why you're not writing blogs. Give it a break."

I remember a quote I read in a collection of Robert Frost's notebooks. He scrawled, "Don't write unless you have something to write about. Until you have something to write about, go find something to write about."


  1. Sometimes a respite of sorts allows us a fresh new creative wave to surf upon...enjoy!

  2. It's all about balance! Look forward to seeing you!! :)

  3. I've noticed, too, the addictive quality of blogging. Kudos for doing something about it.

  4. Really enjoy my blogging. There are members of my family who cast aspersions on my spending hours "in front of that *&(%$ box", can you believe that? As there are just two of us in the family right here, and that person reads my comments, and is sitting beside me, reading over my shoulder,even, must be very careful lest there be bloodshed, gnashing of teeth, vituperations.

  5. ps And she says I am very loyal, too. Ouch, ouch.

  6. Damn it what do I have to live for???


  7. Okay, only 2 or 3 at most more days before I can expect to see something new. How are you going to hold down B & B and keep them from revolting? Later guy!

  8. Love Robert Frost's poems....and this one is a beauty.

    See you round like a rissole.


  9. Good morning BB&M
    There are prices to pay for this addiction...
    I have a constantly sore deltoid muscle from mousing...

  10. Robert Frost was so right. There is always something to photograph, too.

    I started this blog to show off Crisfield, using the photos that did not make the newspaper, and the super cool shots I see that I know there will be no room for in the newspaper.

    There is stroy on every corner as well as a photograph. But what is a photogrpaher to do?

    Blogging can be time consuming but, luckily, my husband is an artist and we share the same stuido, so we do get to see each other.

    Since you are not going to be blogging for a few days, we expect a masterpeice out of your next post.

    In the meantime, Reggie Girl and I will continue our fight over you.

  11. B& is always an honor to have you stop by my blog, it matters not the frequency or infrequency!!! Take care of the little lady and she will take good care of you!

  12. Sounds the sanest thing you have ever posted. Balance is soemthign we all need! Enjoy. This will all still be here.....well, that's how the internet is made.

  13. I'm with Lilly
    We've spent our lives doing the bidding of others (if you're like me). It's my ambition to have me time but it hasn't happened yet. Next week!