Monday, March 2, 2009

Seriously Fast Dog

This is just a quick picture blog. This morning I was looking at Finding Sirius's blog and her new Charlie Project with great pictures of dogs and I and wanted to show her this but haven’t figure out how to do it…learning blogspot is a lifetime work, I think. So I decided to just put it here and show it to everyone since there are lots of doggy blogs. Lindsey, for instance at the Explorers View of Life.

I almost didn’t because this is an older picture and belonged to a distant girlfriend of my son who is now married. Not that they look at my blog but…if they did…

BAGMAN: You worry too much!

BUTLER: No he doesn’t. Not wanting to hurt his daughter-in-law’s feelings is a reasonable ambition.

BAGMAN: How would she even know whose dog it was?

BUTLER: Because Brian is an honest boy and would tell her.

BAGMAN: Not to mention that the idiot whose body we share just blabbed it!

That’s not the point. Well, some of it is, I guess. The point I struggle with is, as a photographer, shouldn’t the image transcend all that petty stuff. It’s a picture of a fast dog, for Pete’s sake! It’s not a contest between my son’s wife and his past. I mean, why should there be a contest between anybody’s wife and the life they had before they met their spouse?

BAGMAN: You don’t know very much about women, do you?

BUTLER: You don’t know very much about women, do you?

Well at least I got my internal debating society to finally agree upon something.

But now I'm worried because I linked this to two other blogs...partly because I just discovered I could. Now I wonder if there is some policy or rule or case law about linking. Was I suppose to ask first before linking something to someone's blog? Darn. I really do worry too much!


  1. Snort!

    Do you give you a headache too?

    All of you???


  2. No, actually the three of us fit in my head pretty well. We create a kind of balance. If one of us left, I'd probably fall over and then I'd have a headache.

  3. I totally get you dude.......the other voices in my head get you as well (except for Evie who doesn't get anyone. Even me!).
    As you know I love dogs. I really love fast dogs especially. Mine are so fast that sometimes I don't even see them zip by me when I'm in my garden.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. B&B...the voices in my head are saying "Dude, that looks like one fast dog" (has to be the voices, I would never really say the word 'dude' out loud!)

  5. Love the fast dog pic...and he is flying!!! Thank you so much for including my link!! I am glad the Charlie Project inspired you to post this photo! :)

  6. Wow! What an awesome photo! That dog is chasing something better than Alpo, that's for sure! :o)

  7. Cute fast dog! Gertie (my rat terrier) can run, but she doesn't ZOOM like this dog! Don't worry so much (this comes from a semi-chronic worrier).

  8. Hello Mark, thanks for visiting me at the hermitage and glad you enjoyed what you found there!
    You write really well and that's a great picture too!
    I don't think you need worry about linking - blogging folks are all too happy to be advertised! long as no-one nicks their pictures! :) hehe
    All the best to you and yours from the house on wheels

  9. Oh, so you have 2 persons inside of you...intereeeesting, from a psychologist's view. Don't worry, I'm almost retired, so now I'm an artist :)

  10. LOVE the dog photo ...and staying in this moment only as we are, it matters not who was once related to the dog in another day...except of course when I'm obsessing and then every detail matters haha.

  11. haha it is going so fast. you should have written the words ZOOM and FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET in superhero letters around it.
    i hope you don't think i'm rude because i tagged you for a meme on my blog without asking first! it shows you are far more polite a person cos i didn't even consider the need to ask hehe.
    so come on over if you get the chance and have a go if you want :)

  12. Lindsay always like a good linking.

    Tell Butler not to worry!

  13. I thought you said it was a "quick picture blog" fooled me again!
    I love reading the chatter, makes me smile.

  14. Looks like my husband's White Dog, doesn't it Reggie Girl? You had to be fast in Nam.