Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photo Shootout -- Houses

Oh my God! I have two blogs scheduled for the same day! I knew it would happen eventually !

Today is the Vernal Equinox and I'd been planning a special blog about flipping mattresses which my wife and I do on this special astronomical occasion. But today is also the scheduled Photo Shoot-Out day on houses. So, Bagman, Butler, and I voted unanimously that my friends on Blogspot are more important than the actual position of the Earth and Sun in the Universe so I will do the Shootout Today and simply change my Calendar so that the Vernal Equinox on Blogspot will actually occur tomorrow! And let the shootout begin --

But first -- Looking at the China and Chrisfield Blogs, I realized that the My Hometown Houses Shoot assignment had "My Hometown" in it...lazy me, instead of shooting around Charleston, I posted a batch of different abodes over time and geography...maybe I'll get it right new time with Graveyards. Also check out Halfcrazy this morning.

House on Panther

The Luxurious Accommodations on Dismal Key

The House where I grew up, in a painting by my grandfather

Doctor Denton’s House in Upper New York State

The Confederate Widows Home in Charleston

Artist Hank Chodkowski's studio – Sanbornton, NH 1985

Tree House 1998 (Brian still kids me about building this monstrosity for him!)

Pentagon on 9/11 (I just happened to be a NIDA conference across the street and wish I had a better camera -- this was a still from the video I shot that day)

Probably another series of blogs sometime in the future

And remember -- the first day of Spring doesn't actually start until tomorrow.


  1. RemMARKable photos!

    I enjoyed them all, but, of course, was stopped in my tracks by the image from the Pentagon.

    Just excellent Mark.

  2. SO very interesting for me in Australia to see all the photos of your area them!

    And the Pentagon ...I will never forget seeing the twin towers on television, I at first, thought it was an american disaster movie heart stopped when I realised it was "live" news.

  3. Mmmm..thanks for posting the Pentagon.As Sarah Lulu mentioned, the photos stirs up a lot of emotion and memories.

  4. After the boom, I looked out the hotel window and saw it, turned to leave the room to get my camera, ran into a colleague coming in from the lobby. He said, "Unbelieveable, the Trade Towers!" I said, "Trade Towers? You mean the Pentagon." "Pentagon?" He said. And the for the first time that morning, over his shoulder I saw the television in the lobby from New York and over my shoulder out the window he saw the actual Pentagon out the window. We both turned white.

  5. Lol, can't wait to see that Vernal Equinox. I don't know what the heck that means but I'm just gonna wait for it LOL. And thanks for the shoutout.

    Omg, looking at all those old stuff, it's kinda touching, for some reason. Everything is so green and not very.. civilized? Like it's very noticeable that the land is still young! Does it still look the same way today?

  6. Those are great pics you've posted. My office was located in Arlington back in 2001 and I have vivid memories of the following day. Driving past the Pentagon I remember the scent of death being in the air.


  7. The house in which you grew up in a painting by your Grandfather. That is the most precious thing in this entry for me. ~Mary

  8. I guess no rules, means no rules. Home is where the camera is. Right?

    I like what you did. I especially like the b/w house with the little hand tinted curtains.

    The artist's studio is very nice. And I like that you took a photo of a painting of your house. You clever boy, you!

    Dismal Key and Panther are just great, especially since we know so much history about them.

    I would like to see a lot more of those photos.

    Thanks B&B? See you for next Friday's haunting shoot.

  9. WOW B&B awesome photographs and I'm entirely in love with the picture that you took a picture of!!
    Next week, are you ready for a little graveyard skulking?
    Patty and I are trying to decide whether she wants you or Bagman or I want Bagman or you.....decisions, decisions, decisions....
    How does it feel to have two women fighting over you and Bagman??
    Hope you have a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter. Bagman too :)

    (Call me dude.......seiously....or do you want me to call you this time?)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Thanks as always. Glad you all like the painting. Someday - soon I'll do some bits on my grandfather - but I need a recharge.
    Patty - actually the hand-tinted curtains (Dr. Dentons) were the acutal color, not hand-tinted. The opposite. I de-hued the rest of the picture.
    Reggie -- No need to fight. There's enough of Bagman and me to go around although getting around Butler will be a problem. LOL. You probably need to call me...or email me...dude. And what on earth will all the other bloggers think of this rampant flirtation between the three of us, or the four of us, or the five of us...goodness!

  11. I had to blow up that house with the curtains to see it better. Those are long johns hanging in the window!

    I'll take Butler, Reggie Girl.

  12. I love the tree house! A blanket and a book and it is the perfect hideout! :)


  13. Butler thinks you are a wise woman, Patty

  14. Love these old photos!!!! Excellent choices!!! :)

  15. They are great photos. I love your grandfather's painting. Exquisite.

  16. Well Done Butler and Bagman!

  17. ah shucks I almost posted photos from all over the place (well, France, Italy, and S America, but thought 'have to stay with the program' and suffered through trying to find something interesting about houseing in Nova Friburgo... should have followed my heart.

  18. wish it was possible to make corrections after posting - never occurs to me to 'preview' there is a close paranthesis after S.America and houseing should be housing.... I think. without spell check I am lost.

  19. Great shots ... love 'traveling' from my office chair on Fridays ...

  20. Have you shown the video that you shot at the Pentagon? I would love to see it.