Monday, March 30, 2009

Something quick before work

This is going to be a busy week and next week Karen and I are going on vacation and I may not post much...maybe try and pre-schedule something. But this weekend was a no-blog weekend, just family visiting.

Sally Loves Laundry Day

Hmmm...and maybe I can load a really short video I was playing with...(Wow! My camera takes videos I'm really in trouble.


  1. What a gorgeous little baby! Have a great vacation - relax and enjoy.

  2. That first photo looks like my son's room when he lived with us after college! That baby is too cute, keep an eye on it.

  3. my own 'something quick before work'would be instant coffee.......
    love the photo of the pooch with the laundry !

  4. How cute is Sally and that baby is precious. He must take after Bagman.
    Who will I stalk if you're gone all week? Did we ever come up with a "real" subject for Friday's Shoot-Out? I have so many questions and yet you're leaving me.
    I'm totally depressed. Seriously Dude.......

    Have a great deserve it and...

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. You like that photo of Sally because it reminds you of your old dorm room.

    Cute dog. Cute baby. Well, you did put them together like that. And the dog got top billing.

    Where will your red car be while you are away? Si and I thought I should steal it.

    Yes. RG, we need some clarification on Friday's shoot out. Don't you go away and leaving us "holding the camera."

    I think this means B&B already has gathered his photos.

    Have a good vaca. And remember Maryland crab season starts April 1, in case you're up this way. Our crabs are so much better than your crabs.

  6. I will miss you!
    That baby is very cute indeed.
    Is Sally an American Cocker?? My Chandi is an English Cocker....such a naughty boy too.

  7. Enjoy your time away! I know I am so looking to mine in May! And what a beautiful baby! :o)

  8. Have a fabulous vacation, all! Great film - That baby is a star in the making - So much presence...

  9. Goodness...I haven't left yet. And I've discovered you can schedule future blog postings...I'm so hooked!

  10. Looks like your little one is practicing to be a star! Have fun on your vacation!

  11. Morning BBM

    It was nice to hear your voice and see your lovely grandson.

    Have a great holiday,
    Happy Days

  12. Thank you for your comments. And it is a little freaky huh :)

  13. Cute baby! Thanks for dropping by my site. The dog is cute too laying on top of your laundry :-)

  14. As for the shootout: Ooh, wildlife in backyards and neighborhood, huh? You mean like trees and plants? Let me see if we have that in here LOL. Too much buildings, no sign of nature in sight but I'll snap photos! :)

    Haha, I could have mistaken Sally for one of the clothes LOL.

  15. Funny how Sally loves your laundry.. Can she wash it too? And the baby is cute, making me miss the times when I have to take care of my 3 kids when they were small. Fun yet exhausting..

    Friday Wildlife Shootout:
    Please include me in this shoot out..
    Hope you can come back soon so we can show you our Wildlife.. I'd been trying to figure out where can I find the interesting wilds here in China.. I guess I should find them in the bar..? (opps, does wild kids included?)

    Have a safe and enjoyable vacation..