Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Poem for Today


So here you are again, after all these years,

at the same edge, staring down the gorge,

the old temptress you never thought you’d see again,

listening to thin air singing lies,

wishing you could plead innocence

despite how well you understand the choice:

1. You step off into space and fly…

feel the wind kiss your skin…

bathe your heart with fire…

fall free and alive into her space

then agony – abruptly broken and torn,

faced with crawling again up the rocks

with bleeding fingers.

2. Or you back away through brush…

lock yourself to solid ground…

find the trail signs carved in rock…

follow the well-worn path on down…

then agony of slogging through the gray

mildew growing on the soles

of useless feet.

Why do you act as if the choice is hard?

Turning theatrically in circles.

Trying to rationalize with gravity

or God,

as if you didn’t hack your way through thorns

to see this awesome view again

or didn’t plan to jump.


  1. Intense poem!
    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I do appreciate you!

  2. You're so awesome B&B.......such creative words are far too lofty for me to speak and I'm in awe....and a lil jealous :)
    That was Bagman in town this weekend?? I thought I saw him but it was such a brief encounter and our eye's never met. Sigh....
    Maybe next time he will speak to me. He's such a tease.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. Interesting poem...thought provoking. Good job BB

  4. Good morning B&B,

    This made me think about choices and regrets. I can remember having thoughts like that. Now that I'm older I understand for me there are no good or bad choices...just choices I make.

    I don't enjoy beating myself up over choices I've made, I try to learn what I can and move on.

    I must say though, "I do enjoy a cliffhanger!"


  5. At first I thought, "Not another poem. Where has my Bagman gone?"

    Then I thought, "I sure do miss Bagman."

    Then I realized you had kicked him off the cliff. Those were his hands on the rocks!

    Sometimes life is not so simple, eh? Sometimes we fall off a cliff, and sometimes we get pushed.

    I know Bagman pulled himself back up and is now running wild.

  6. I miss you Butler and Bagman....
    Do you miss me?
    ( ) YES
    ( ) NO
    ( ) MAYBE

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. Really nice words!

    Whoever is hanging on that cliff will surely get to stand in a ground again.

  8. Butler, if you ever visit San Francisco, keep Bagman away from the Golden Gate Bridge. Ride the cable cars instead.